Saturday, October 1, 2011


I think I must admit somethings to myself. I must admit:
  1. I do not seem to knit in the Summer
  2. Nor do I blog much in the Summer (or much at all anymore)
  3. I have issues with procrastination
  4. My motivation to exercise is about nill
  5. My morning person days may be behind me (WAY behind)
  6. I love random stripe generators
  7. I need to make more socks because I seriously dislike all the ones from the store
  8. I'm hungry
I do actually have knitting to share, and one new development in the continued indoctrination of my progeny.

The dear daughter is now knitting AND purling and working on
her first real project, a felted project,
that has aspirations of being a knitting bag
or possibly a book bag

Random stripe generators really do rock, especially when worked in
TWEED mmmmmm luxurious, soft and very squishy

This scarf is going to be insanely long.