Friday, November 21, 2008


A couple of nights ago I dreamt of yarn, BAD yarn. Fake crushed velvet yarn, nasty fake chenile yarn, overly slippery nylon yarn and sorta scary crochet.

I dreamt I was looking over a friend's project. Some guy friend who happens to crochet and knit. I don't know this person and I didn't recognize him at all - one of those made up dream people, apparently.

Anyway, he had crocheted and knit a cover for a stuffed wiener dog. It was crochet from the top to about the middle of each side in those little crocheted squares - not granny squares, but sort of like the smaller parts of those. Little squares all connected in straight lines. (no clue what the name of that stitch may be since I don't crochet much) This part of the project was done in solid black yarn.

The knitted part, connected at the sides, was done in stockinette stitch in a yarn that was black with accent colors in yellow, green, white and red. This particular yarn was self plaid-ing. I don't think that's even a possibility when it comes to yarn. In addition, it was also a tweedy yarn (not Tweety the bird - lol) because in my dream I pronounced it "a very nice tweed" - so it must be so.

While looking over the project, I realized that I have a stuffed wiener dog, too! (and actually I have 2) So... I go looking through my stash. This is where I encounter every manner of scary bad yarn I've ever seen. MY stash! Every skein I take out is worse than the last, and I start to panic. In the end I pull out two skeins of nylon so slippery that they don't even stay in their wrappers and start spilling out all over the place.

I woke up with a start and my pajamas all in a twist. The butt seam was on my left side!

I wonder what a dream analyst would have to say about that? I definitely feel the need to go into my stash and touch my good yarn, just to be sure and then take out ALL the stuff I don't like anymore.

There is a little acrylic in there, mostly baby yarn, which as acrylics go, are the least scary to me.

Oh yes, and for the record, I have ZERO interest in covering a stuffed dog in yarn - regardless of how cute the crocheter/knitter guy in my dream was. I think I'd just show him my hedgehog and be done with it. (why does that sound dirty?)

Finals so far:
Pathology 102
Anatomy and Physiology 101
Swedish Massage Practical Exam 92 (an actual massage that is graded)
(no curves so far)

3 more finals on Monday

I hope I can maintain my 4.0 average from last mod - but I should really chill a bit, I think lol

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bit of Fun

You Are a Cherry Muffin

You are very friendly and sweet. You love to socialize.

You have a bit of a fire in your heart, and you secretly love adventure.

You are well known for speaking your mind. You tell people exactly what you think.

However, you're so nice when you're honest, no one really cares!

Even though you're down to earth, you're not exactly the girl or guy next door.

You are actually quite worldly and sophisticated. You are well traveled and well read.

What Kind of Muffin Are You?

AND.... I made 102 on my Pathology Final
woooooooooot woooooooot!

One down, and like 5 more to go, or something ridiculous like that

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping Slipping....

I was doing SO much better about posting at least once a week - then that time warp thing that is school/life/etc, etc...

I haven't knit even ONE little stitch since my last post. I have taken some pictures, but they are downstairs. I may be close to hiring a roofer to fix the roof that has been messed up for well, something like a year - NICE going nameless dude that was so gonna do that like forever ago. I know it's off topic, but hey, when we got torrential rains a couple of days ago - water started POURING in through the A/C vent in the ceiling of one of the upstairs rooms. NICE like I said. Anyway, it was a bit distracting.

Enough whining.

So I got a 100 on my Kin quiz today(Thursday)! That's SO much better than how I was doing in Kin last mod. My other grades have come down a bit, just a little, but Kin and Path have gone up. It's that balance thing. Believe it or not, tomorrow is the 1st final for this mod and more finals all next week. One week from today (if you are reading this on Friday - although I am typing it on Thursday) I will be done with TWO mods and one term, with four mods and two terms left. WHOA! At this rate I'll be working in a flash. (which will be super nice)

Another thing about this learning and studying the muscles and how they work and stuff, it sorta makes me want to get in shape. weird

Well, that's all I got for now, I'll try to pop in sometime soonish - hopefully before the end of next week and show some pictures of something interesting. Won't that be special? - 80's SNL blast from the past, I know... but hey, it's all I got at the moment =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Start of Second Socktoberfest Socks

Here is the beginning of my 2nd Socktoberfest pair of socks. It's amazing how much faster one sock goes when you have done two at once! Of course, the drawbacks are that you have to start all over when you get done with one, but at least you feel like you are getting somewhere a little quicker. Instant gratification and all that jazz.

Speaking of instant gratification, there's nothing like smooshing 3 strands of yarn together on size 11 needles and whipping up a hat in two days. DD Ms. 7 soon to be 8 girl needed a hat last Friday for hat day. (It was anti-drug week and every day was a theme of some sort) This hat is actually purple cotton - like the dishcloth cotton stuff - 2 strands and one strand of variegated ribbon yarn stuff. It turned out totally cute and was a hit with all the girls at school, who immediately said they wanted me to make them one, too. he heeee

Sweet as that is, I don't have enough ribbon stuff for 3 more hats, although I do have tons of dishcloth cotton. (and no homemade dishcloth aspirations) Still, with the extra curricular knitting? Not so much. That's the great thing about requests - you can always say, NOPE =) No guilt, either. My time is worth mucho denero these days, I could totally be napping instead.