Monday, April 27, 2009

Pics to Pass the Time

The finish line is in sight, I have only 7 intern hours left to do. I may have at least 4 people who want to be clients even after I'm done with internship - I probably already blogged that, but it still surprises me. That means I have to find somewhere to practice fairly soon, so they keep me and don't find someone else. My last day will probably be May 4th but the grad ceremony won't be until July 31st or something like that.

Not much more news about school, except that I do feel like I am running out of steam for homework and assignments, which isn't such a good thing when I have SO many left. Business plans and resume' and cover letter and references and mission statements and vision statements and 10 job leads and on and on. (and that part of my computer is locked up, so I can't even work on it while waiting for all these pictures to upload - DRAT)

In light of all this, I'm going to post some pictures - nothing too exciting, but something to look at between now and the last few days of school.

the last Clematis bloom
this is the second year this cactus has bloomed
last year I wanted to take a picture
but ended up in the hospital before I had the chance
I'm SO thrilled it went all out for me
this year with SIX blooms!
yaay for prettiness

miniature roses

that's my pinky finger and yes I have a small pinky

back to the normal sized ones

that's all folks =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothin' to talk about

I can hardly believe it, but I'm nearly finished with school! I mean, I knew it was coming up, but to be just a couple weeks away from the last day is pretty wild. I have 31 of 52 hours of internship done. I've had 3 repeat clients who really like me, and four who have mentioned they may follow me to wherever I end up practicing. Not too bad for an intern =) Also, somehow I managed to maintain my 4.0 and perfect attendance, so far - shocking ain't it?

I am still knitting here and there. I've made some progress on the knee brace barriers, I'm hoping the two balls I have is enough, otherwise, I may have a hard time finding the same stuff again. We'll see.

There are some new pictures, really mostly just more flowers and a couple of sky pics. I'm starting to get bored with posting the same sort of pictures all the time, though, so ... maybe I'll find something more interesting to photo soon and post that.

I've sorta been hearing the call of the lace again, so maybe I'll find some quickish pattern and make lacy scarf or something. Nothing as huge of an undertaking as my Fern Lace Stole of yesteryear. Something simple and airy and interesting.

Well, better figure out supper now and take a handful of vitamins - I feel a fever coming on =( One of the kids is down already.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Test Results!

What a RELIEF! The test is over and I made 817 out of 900! 630 is the lowest passing grade... so I'm really excited to get in the 800's =))

Of course, I'd be happy with just passing the test, period, but I was secretly hoping to get 800+, just a little.

So... in about 3 or 4 weeks, all my stuff will be sent off to the licensing board and I'll wait for them to send me my license! squeeeeeeee!

I've been celebrating all day, now. I already took myself out for a giant German Pancake and crispy bacon at my favorite "serving breakfast all day" place, Old South Pancake House. Tonight I'll be out on another 'date night' at a newly favorite Tex-Mex place that has a burn your face off good green sauce. I'll also be trying their margaritas =) YEAH BABY!

I think I'll go knit a little while watching a movie. TTFN peeps!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday's the Day

I take my test on Saturday at 12:00pm. I'm so excited and nervous! eeeeek So.... I can use some positive vibes and such if you can spare a few =)

I'll post my pass/fail results when I get home.

Internship is going SO well, I really enjoy what I'm doing, and feel ever more confident that it's a very good career choice. I have 20 hours of 52 done so far in the clinic - That's in 1 1/2 weeks, so I'm a tiny bit ahead of right on track, since I hope to do at least 10 massages per week for 5 weeks. Some hours can be office and laundry duty and the like as well, so that cuts down on actual massage hours if you need to count them. I've already had 2 repeat clients and promises of 2 more. So yaay again. I'm really going to love this work.

Well, be thinking about me a bit Saturday, and I'll update y'all ASAP.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blast and Wretch

"Don't say 'Blast and wretch', OH BLAST AND WRETCH!" -- Amy, Little Women

It may not be a perfectly accurate quote, but when I think about it, it always makes me laugh. I needed something to laugh at when I realized that my started over project had major hiccups in two of the four raglan increases. They are at least one stitch off, and I don't know why I didn't see it until today. Probably because I've been doing the semi-conscious knitting thing, and mostly at night.

So, instead of looking like this:

They look like this:

and this:


My other project is trucking along rather nicely, in spite of the yarn being a bit... temperamental.

I'm still not used to using yarn with elastic in it, so it sorta bunches up unless I watch myself and let go of the yarn every two or three stitches. And, as you see, it separates very easily. I'm doing both knee wrap barrier things at the same time on one insanely long bamboo circular needle. (my favorite kind) So at least they look decent.

In school news, my internship is off to a great start, I really enjoy it and am past all my nervousness. I've completed 14 of my 52 hours. PLUS I take the MBLEx on Saturday, so stay tuned for the results of that. I'll probably post it immediately after getting home. I'm really excited to get it done.

Now I'm off to give my sister a well deserved massage - treat yourself to one too! =)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Meet Lizzy

Remember I said we had a new pet? Here she is:

We know she's a girl b/c the males usually have blue streaks on their bellies, and the females have that nice mauve color down their sides and the pretty stripy thing going down their legs. (Thank you Internet)

She's a pretty girl, for a Texas Spiny Lizard, or Fence Lizard, or Back Yard Lizard. My daughter found her out in the freezing cold one day in my sister's yard, and brought her inside to warm her up. She begged me to keep her and named her Lizzy, as in Lizzy the Lizard (which I thought was clever). Now she has a full first, middle and our last name. Elizabeth Kate etc. (no etc. is not our last name, but I'm funny about last names and the internet)

My sister, a few weeks later, found a gecko on our sidewalk one very cold day and put him in with Lizzy. They didn't seem to mind each other at all, and sometimes slept near each other. My oldest son named him Nicko. He was less cute and rather hated being in the terrarium and consequently, escaped. He is a Mediterranean Gecko. He didn't look much like the regular geckos we have here, but he was interesting while he was with us. I only got a couple of pictures of him and they show off the intensity of his stare. Anyway, he's somewhere roaming around our house looking for a way out.

I hope we have a few little bugs to keep him alive until he makes a break for it. I think there are only tiny cobweb spiders though, so he may be out of luck in the food department.

So far Lizzy has been the easiest pet ever. We get a box of crickets here and there and let a few out in her terrarium every few days and she eats when she wants. It doesn't take long to clean her environment and she makes very little noise. The crickets make most of the mess and sometimes the alpha cricket won't stop chirping. That really only happened once, and I took care of him/her and some other quieter cricket took it's place. (I don't know if there is such a thing as an alpha cricket, but only one seems to chirp at a time, so I figured, maybe it's a seniority thing, lol) Lizzy prefers to be left alone most of the time, but every so often she'll let me pick her up and stroke her little jaw line. She really likes that and closes her little eyes and chills out completely. On the whole, it's been a pretty cool little pet project for the family. My daughter was asking me the other day if we should set her free, and I'm leaving that up to her. We did decide to wait until it has completely stopped being cold, to give her a better chance.

As for knitting news, not much going on. I'll probably knit some tonight, just to take the stress down a notch. My internship is going pretty well, so far all my clients seem to like my treatments and some have even booked repeat sessions. So that's cool. I think I soaked up one of my client's tension though and I need to go run around barefooted in the grass - lol - drain all that back into the earth where it can disperse. (one theory anyway)

Until next time, take care of yourselves! Go get a massage =)