Friday, December 21, 2007

Still Stalling

You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts any strange habits you may have.

Got this from LuvtoKnitandMuchMore =))

I do have knitting to post, I just have to get the stuff photo'd - It's been a bit dreary and I have to get my models all cleaned and prepped (which includes myself - blah) Maybe I'll be more awake tomorrow than I was today and yesterday. I've had a small bout of insomnia in the last couple of weeks (that happens when I get tee'd - long story grrrrr) Anyway, I'm getting betta, I'm not dead yet. =)

Hey, as of the 22nd, I will have gone TWO count 'em TWO whole seasons without flipping out. Yaay me! InconTHEEvable!

I'm playing around with lace patterns for a stole. I think I'm going to stick with something fairly simple, since it's my first REAL lace thing. We'll see how that goes.


Robin said...

Hey...I'm Teal Green too!!

Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

I take it the Christmas Season is not a good time of year for you. I don't flip out--but since I lost my son--I tend to get depressed this time of year. This year for some reason has been particularly bad. All I wanna do is sleep and do nothing--but had a good friend say to me when my son died--just promise me that when you are paralyzed with depression that you just keep getting out of bed and putting one for in front of the other and do the things you need to do. I truly attempt to do that. Can't wait to see your knitting. I want to try some patterns on socks--then maybe I will think about lace. Let me know how the lace goes. Merry Christmas