Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks, everyone =)

Both my interviews went super well. One pays less but I think I'll really love it, and the other is full time stable, benefits etc... but with the potential for me to start to dislike it after a year or so. (or sooner) SO... if I have the option to choose, I'll probably choose the former - and at the same time go to school for something I've been told to do for a long time. (massage therapy - because I'm good at it already) So... we'll see. I should know something about both of them tomorrow - funny - interviewed on the same day for both and decision day for both on the same day.

Anyway, thanks for all the support, it really helped me be confident and all that jazz. I love y'all!

ttfn - probably sometime late Thursday or early Friday, I'll post an update. =)


midgeling said...

So happy to hear that! Hooray for you! And I totally agree that you should pick the one that you feel you would be happier at. I know from experience that the extra money at a un-fun job is so not worth it in the long run.

Dreams of Yarn said...

Best of luck for the happy choice for you and the kiddos.

lobstah said...

Congrats on the interviews and on doing well in them (always hard!). I hope you get the one you want.
And, massage therapy-cool! Wanna come visit sometime? ;)

Anonymous said...

It's great you've had these opportunities - it sounds like the first job with the massage course is just right for you!

Chris said...

can't wait to find out what ya choose. Good luck