Friday, November 21, 2008


A couple of nights ago I dreamt of yarn, BAD yarn. Fake crushed velvet yarn, nasty fake chenile yarn, overly slippery nylon yarn and sorta scary crochet.

I dreamt I was looking over a friend's project. Some guy friend who happens to crochet and knit. I don't know this person and I didn't recognize him at all - one of those made up dream people, apparently.

Anyway, he had crocheted and knit a cover for a stuffed wiener dog. It was crochet from the top to about the middle of each side in those little crocheted squares - not granny squares, but sort of like the smaller parts of those. Little squares all connected in straight lines. (no clue what the name of that stitch may be since I don't crochet much) This part of the project was done in solid black yarn.

The knitted part, connected at the sides, was done in stockinette stitch in a yarn that was black with accent colors in yellow, green, white and red. This particular yarn was self plaid-ing. I don't think that's even a possibility when it comes to yarn. In addition, it was also a tweedy yarn (not Tweety the bird - lol) because in my dream I pronounced it "a very nice tweed" - so it must be so.

While looking over the project, I realized that I have a stuffed wiener dog, too! (and actually I have 2) So... I go looking through my stash. This is where I encounter every manner of scary bad yarn I've ever seen. MY stash! Every skein I take out is worse than the last, and I start to panic. In the end I pull out two skeins of nylon so slippery that they don't even stay in their wrappers and start spilling out all over the place.

I woke up with a start and my pajamas all in a twist. The butt seam was on my left side!

I wonder what a dream analyst would have to say about that? I definitely feel the need to go into my stash and touch my good yarn, just to be sure and then take out ALL the stuff I don't like anymore.

There is a little acrylic in there, mostly baby yarn, which as acrylics go, are the least scary to me.

Oh yes, and for the record, I have ZERO interest in covering a stuffed dog in yarn - regardless of how cute the crocheter/knitter guy in my dream was. I think I'd just show him my hedgehog and be done with it. (why does that sound dirty?)

Finals so far:
Pathology 102
Anatomy and Physiology 101
Swedish Massage Practical Exam 92 (an actual massage that is graded)
(no curves so far)

3 more finals on Monday

I hope I can maintain my 4.0 average from last mod - but I should really chill a bit, I think lol


Chris said...

What a dream!! You are doing so gooe in school--I am so proud of you. Do I sound like a Mom?

Jim said...

Scary acrylic yarn dream, they don't get much worse than that!

BTW, here is why the hedgehog sounds dirty

Heidi said...

Ew....that does sound rather nightmare-ish :/

Leigh said...

Oh dear... I'm glad you woke up before the fur yarns started! :) Just as a random thing - I took the muffin quiz in your last post, and I'm lemon poppyseed. :-D Have a great holiday!

dyedinthewool said...

Poor you - what horrible yarn to dream about!

Excellent news about the exams - fingers crossed for the remaining ones!