Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacations are GOOD!

We have had a nice leisurely time here in Minnesota and it's been wonderful. Seeing my cousin and her family along with her sweet baby boy. We had a nice "Girl's Day" yesterday, left all the kids with the guys and ran around doing errands and stuff. I finished my second dishcloth and was out of yarn (because of all things, that's what I forgot to pack) so I just HAD to go yarn shopping =) I got 3 gorgeous skeins of cotton, and 4 skeins of  MALBRIGO in two colors. 2 of the skeins I'm gifting to my brother for house-sitting for us. He's gonna flip over it. It was my first time petting that stuff and somehow I couldn't walk away from it.

Here are my two finished dishcloths.

 On the second one I used nearly every bit of the yarn. Talk about cutting it close! That's the cast off edge - YIKES =)

I can't wait to show you my new stuff, it's SO pretty. AND I won't run out of yarn on the way home. We leave tomorrow morning for the long long drive back. Sometimes I wish there wasn't quite so many miles between my extended family and myself. We'll probably go to the lake today, hopefully before it starts cooling off again. Stay tuned for yarn pics, I may add them to this post later, who knows? =)

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Chris said...

Wow--what a long drive-- Be safe. dishcloths are great. I bought a coupla skeins of MALBRIGO a while back and so far all I have done is pet it.