Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just So You Know =)

I haven't abandoned blogging. I'm doing well, it's just the beginning of the school year and we are all adjusting to a new schedule. I'm doing an absurd amount of cleaning and absolutely no knitting. My job is awesome, not because of how many people I see, but because of the change and relief that can be affected with Massage Therapy. I love it. =)

I have been taking pictures, growing lots of okra, one eggplant and a few very bitter cucumbers along with two small watermelons. On the whole the garden is a spectacular failure, but it's ok, because I'll do better next year. I have successfully grown some very tall grass though, which verily needs chopped down. 

Oh, yeah, also lots of reading and photography and boring stuff that doesn't much lend to blogging. 

We've had several gorgeous sunsets lately that are pretty enough to share, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties. I had to change my admin password because I forgot some complicated caps no caps something or other and now my 'keychain' password is giving me grief. SO, I'll figure that out when I'm less tired. 

I'll be teaching someone to knit Saturday, if I feel better (been a little fluish) so I should have something to show soon enough. ttyl


Dreams of Yarn said...

Its a lot of work to get back into the groove of the school year! so many things to do!

its so great to hear you are enjoying the rewards of your job, helping people feels great.

Dont give up on the gardening!

dyedinthewool said...

Don't loose faith with the gardening. Sometimes it can take a few seasons to get the soil into the right kind of condition. My mum does soil testing with one of those kits to see what the soil needs for the plants she's growing.

JustApril said...

Yeah, I'll be mixing sand into the soil, and maybe some other stuff. I should try one of those kits. I'm a country girl so I'm composting and all that, so I should have some nice rich junk to mix in next year. All that tall grass will be chopped down and added to the compost soon. It has no idea of it's eminent demise. bwa ha ha HHHAA