Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn in Texas

OH, it's wonderfully chilly today. It's been an actual Autumn here for the first time in many a year. We actually had a cool day on the first day of Fall, and it's turned dow
n right windy and rainy and cold. This means I actually feel like knitting for real. I think I'll break out my sweater and finish it so I'll have something warm and new to wear when I go to Minnesota next week. (that is if plans pan out the way they are laid for now) I have a cousin getting married next week and I'm hoping to go. I guess that means I'd better get to work on it.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post/rant, I appreciate your support and encouragement. I may take some of it down at some point, depending on how I feel about it.

It just so happens, knit-wise, that I have accomplished something. My niece walked up to me and said, "Will you make me a poepoe hat?" and how could I say no? So I made a poepoe hat with a pink ball and have a very happy niece to show for it.

I haven't finished the socks I started way back when, but I'm sure I will after the sweater is done. I guess I have a tiny little snag getting to the next step since I haven't done a gusset heel in this direction. It's just a matter of getting the book out and following the directions. When I am in the mood to read and knit, instead of reading OR knitting, I'll get to it. =)

Hopefully I'll have some more to show next post, and hopefully it'll be pretty soon. Things are on the upswing, here at home. It gets a little better every day in some small way. Slow progress is better than the quick stuff, I think, it has more of a lasting quality. What's the saying? Slow and steady wins the race and you can put that in your pipe and smoke it. (for the record, I don't think smoking is a good idea, I just sorta like the irony of that expression)

eta: btw I taught another person to knit today - don't know how many that makes now, but it's getting to be up close to 10 or so - yippee ky yaaay


Chris said...

Good for you--I am just not a good knitting or crocheting teacher. I get frustrated when they don't get it right away--so I will leave it to others who are good like you. Hey I see the big doc tomorrow. I will keep you posted by e-mail along with everyone else. Needless to say--not feeling that great, but am trying to keep up. Talk at ya later.

dyedinthewool said...

Yes, small progress is better than leaps back and forth. You do have one very happy-looking niece! And congratulations on "converting" another muggle to the joys of knitting!

Dreams of Yarn said...

Glad things continue to improve at home. That makes all the difference in the world when it comes to dealing with all the rest of the little stressors life throws at us. A good strong home support.

YAY for you spreading the knit, keep on teaching :)