Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cleverness Escapes Me

It's been a whole month since I posted anything, mainly because nothing has really been going on. I've been reading lots. I decided to read the collective works of the Brontë sisters. I think the only book I don't have yet (not sure) is the book of poetry that they collaborated to write under their pseudonyms Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Well, they used those names for all their books. So far I have really enjoyed the reading. The only problem is having a very limited knowledge of French, since Charlotte interjects entire conversations in French quite without warning throughout all of her novels. This is only an issue when I'm reading away from the Internet and my awesome find of an online translator.

In addition to collecting all the Brontë novels, I also grabbed up all the L M Montgomery and Laura Ingalls Wilder works as well. A person needs a little light reading between Brontës. These last two collections are for my daughter's library - eventually. The plan is that we read them together, a chapter or two before bedtime a couple times a week.

It's cold this week, so my fancy may be turning towards knitting soon, hopefully. I guess I shouldn't let it bother me when I'm not in the mood to knit - I only hit a serious lull every couple of years. I haven't done this much reading in a long time, so.... it's a trade off. We all go through lulls, ebbs and waves of activity and moods. Dips and swells of life and changes. We easily get caught up in the processing part of the changes which can be counterproductive. Our feelings aren't always a result of what we think, but of what we do. Actions really do speak louder than words. I'm not really heading towards any profound point, just something I wanted to tell myself, I guess. =)

If this all sounds a little odd, it's because I'm trying to think and type through a thinly veiled migraine. Anyway, the idea is in there, it just isn't being communicated so clearly. I think I'll just eat my pot pie, now - mmmmmm

Who is your favorite author?

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