Friday, January 29, 2010

A Little Progress to Show

This is hardly any sooner than the last post, but at least this time I have a decent reason *read excuse* =) About 8 weeks ago I got a pretty bad migraine that never went away completely, and it was only last week that it finally went away. Needless to say, it was not easy to focus on much more than the every day stuff to get through it. Fortunately I have a super good friend with an array of diagnostic tools who fixed me up last Saturday, and I've been mostly back to normal since.

I'm not loving this picture so much, but it's the best I could do at the time. There was half of a sleeve, but it was looking very wonky - I'm not using a pattern really, just knitting by the seat of my pants as usual. So I ripped it out and looked up some online instructions for sleeve decreases.

I haven't restarted the sleeve yet, but maybe that's something I can get to fairly soon. I've been wanting to do color work and lace and socks, so I'm hoping to get out of being bogged down on this sweater and do something else.

At first I was thinking about doing bell sleeves, but as cute as they are, they aren't very practical. I'm still thinking about it though.

Anyway, hopefully there will be another post and real progress to report soon.


Dreams of Yarn said...

Thank goodness your feeling better now, thats a long time to have a migraine!!! OUCH

Patty said...

Please, please let there be no more migraines in your future. I only get them a couple of times a year now but used to live with them daily. I really, really hope that will happen for you!

I can't believe you can just 'wing' knitting like this! So brave! It looks great.

dyedinthewool said...

Fingers crossed on the migrane front and I love how you're doing with the top. I've very impressed with the shaping and how you're doing this all on the fly! :)

Miri Mack said...

Ugh, I've gotten my first migraine a couple of weeks ago. I can't imagine it going on that long. I think I wouldn't be able to cope, let alone knit. Tres cute sweater, though.