Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On a Happier Note...

You guys are probably right, it's just those Winter knitter no sun yarn splittin blues. Most of the snow is gone, we still have patches and piles and the humiliated remains of snow men hither and thither.

I've been watching the Olympics quite a bit and it's pretty exciting with all the speed and snow and crashes and medals and stuff =) At the moment I'm watching curling and listening to the screaming Deutschlanders - those guys can really yell. I always wonder if the players of this particular sport ever stop and float out of their bodies and look at themselves and think, "This is a lot of stress over a bit of granite and some funny shaped brooms." Probably not, I always think about that, volley ball, basket ball, football, tennis, whatever it is, I look at it and think - "all these people are so serious about smacking a ball around" lol

Anyway, the real point of this post isn't the philosophical approach to games, but rather the fact that my long languishing sweater has a sleeve that is nearly complete. The Olympics are good for me! Here's the sleeve sharing the limelight with a very funny niece of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Hello upside-down niece!

The top's really coming along nicely - can't wait to see it all finished!