Friday, January 29, 2010

A Little Progress to Show

This is hardly any sooner than the last post, but at least this time I have a decent reason *read excuse* =) About 8 weeks ago I got a pretty bad migraine that never went away completely, and it was only last week that it finally went away. Needless to say, it was not easy to focus on much more than the every day stuff to get through it. Fortunately I have a super good friend with an array of diagnostic tools who fixed me up last Saturday, and I've been mostly back to normal since.

I'm not loving this picture so much, but it's the best I could do at the time. There was half of a sleeve, but it was looking very wonky - I'm not using a pattern really, just knitting by the seat of my pants as usual. So I ripped it out and looked up some online instructions for sleeve decreases.

I haven't restarted the sleeve yet, but maybe that's something I can get to fairly soon. I've been wanting to do color work and lace and socks, so I'm hoping to get out of being bogged down on this sweater and do something else.

At first I was thinking about doing bell sleeves, but as cute as they are, they aren't very practical. I'm still thinking about it though.

Anyway, hopefully there will be another post and real progress to report soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a Neglected Blog this is!

I have not been spending my time wisely, and it shows. My knitting is sitting next to me languishing away instead of wrapping itself around me to keep me warm during the first real Winter we have had in Texas for 20 years or so. Hopefully, when I put down my computer (the real cause of all my wasted knitting time) I'll take said knitting, a flattering sweater to be, if I'm not punished for taking so long to finish it by the powers that be in knitting lore.

Stacks of clean laundry also taunt me from their temporary residence, my broken and holey papasan. One of these days fairly soon, I am going to have to invest in new, less easily breakable furniture. That particular piece was given to us 11 or 12 years ago, and I bought another one around the same time. For such cheap things, they did last quite awhile, but they just couldn't stand up to the sort of abuse that comes with being in the constant company of children. My sisters were little when they were newish, and they delighted in running and jumping into them. Then my own children had the same inclinations once they came along. I guess a papasan just has that look that says, "Please come and jump into me, I'm so very fluffy and comfy. =) We also have what is called an "everything that touches your body is leather" sectional sofa. Leather is good, but this sort of furniture has many drawbacks. The vinyl that isn't supposed to touch you, absolutely does touch you, especially once it gets is gets cracked and sharp it leaves microscratches on your legs and arms. One of the cushions is also coming apart at the seams, and though I've stitched it back up, is coming apart again. I guess I need twine to do that and tide us over till we get to the point that we make said investment a reality.

Why am I regaling anyone with the life and times of my furniture? Probably because that's what is in front of me, along with carpet that needs a vacuum's attention. Oh well, at least MOST of the laundry is done, even if it's not quite made it upstairs.

Back to this actual Winter we are having. We have had snow four times, if memory serves. One of those snow storms even lasted all day and stayed on the ground in drifts and patches for nearly a whole week. That is very rare, here. Usually, it's 70 degrees F today, 30 tomorrow with snow flurries and then back to 75 the next day. It's been nice actually having Winter for me, since I am really a Northerner by birth. Heat really takes it out of me.

Speaking of cold, I seriously need to get to making more wool socks! Cotton just doesn't cut it when it's cold. So this means, I am rededicating myself to knitting and shall put down the computer (for a few minutes at least) and get to it.

I think I could finish this sweater in a day or two, if I just did that - get TO it already. I am just finishing up the bottom, then I have the sleeves, and they should progress very quickly. I think I'll go to FB and ask for knitting encouragement! Until next time, here are some snowy pics to tide you over till I have proof of knitting =)