Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ahem.... Is this thing on?

So... ummm..... Nothing posted here since January. Well. Blast.

I did the color work hat, and it came out very wonky, so I guess I got discouraged. The bottom of the hat is too floppy and the color work is very tight, not a bit of stretch near the thing. It's kicking around here somewhere.

It was a learning experience though. At least I know now to go up a needle size when I start the color work. AND.... I think I'll stick to two colors instead of the three. It looks very cool on the outside, but a float going across 15 or 17 stitches, may be pushing the boundaries of what a newbie can pull off.

I can't find any completed pics, but at least you get an idea of how it looks, plus the floppiness is fairly obvious.

Everything else? I think things are mostly ok. One kiddo recovering from the flu and another with an odd cheek/gum pain. The Doc couldn't figure it out any better than I could, but Ibuprofen seems to help for now.

Hopefully I'll get back into the spirit of blogging pretty soon. I think it goes this way. When I'm sorta down I just don't post that often, because even if I'm not posting about my feelings, my voice as I'm typing in my head sounds all dreary. Anyway, one way or another things are going to get much better and I'll stop sounding like Eeyore in my head. lol

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Anonymous said...

Eeyore was always my favourite character when I was a kid! Just goes to show what a morose thing I was! Shame about the slightly-less-than-awesome hat but it looks good from this distance!