Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Once Upon a Morning Coffee

...there was a blogger, knitter, reader, podcaster, poet, painter, sketcher but master of none. Then life did some of those things that life sometimes does and she didn't do much of any of it for some length of time. But low and behold, life did some other things (and of course in this particular sentence, life actually refers to the blogger) and got back some of those things that she enjoyed and somewhat defined herself as being. First came reading, then knitting, and eventually blogging. Podcasting is still out there not being done, in spite of the fact that her voice was rediscovered although she hadn't been aware that it was lost. A few poems fell out now and then, but never really got properly documented for posterity. (and yes, I do almost always end a sentence with a preposition and/or prepositional phrase, because... that's just how I roll - oops, I forgot I was typing in the third person - AHEM) 

She never made any promises about the frequency or content of the blogging that she wanted to get back, but she had at least wanted to blog once or twice a month. Oh life, you many faceted jewel of mystery and mayhem, mirth and monstrosity, you always keep things interesting.

"It's time for a new start, again!" she shouted triumphantly at no one in particular. No one was really listening anyway, but she thought it wise to speak the words aloud in case that whole "universe" thing all her fellow hippies were talking about is actually a thing. She started rereading all of Jane Austen's novels and one fan fiction called Unequal Affections, books about psychology and books about Jane Austen's actual life. She did some knitting of baby surprise sweaters and more reading. Then, there was a car accident, and then she got really sick and went to the hospital for the first time in 8 or 9 years, went to Colorado when her best friend needed her and then to a more local area when her newish in-laws needed her.

She finally got back to blogging on April the thirteenth of the year two thousand and sixteen. There may or may not be another baby surprise sweater soonish. She is determined to get that pattern in her head enough that she can knit it in her sleep. Actually, she is prepared to make the baby sweater, stranding two balls of yarn together, as she did with her first baby surprise sweater. 

ok I'm done with 3rd person

I forgot that I built a yarn box for stranding balls of yarn together without getting them tangled! See that in my next post =)

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