Monday, May 12, 2008

Always Changing Rearranging

posted in the middle of the night, excuse my mistakes or rambling please =)

This is just SAD!

I'm glad we have an old Corolla laying around in the garage! =) I'm going to suggest that we leave our guzzler parked for a while and start driving the Toyota again. I love that car. I love Toyotas. Now that the kids are mostly in boosters, the Corolla won't feel SO small. Rear facing car seats in that thing were a NIGHTMARE. Something else to rearrange in the days to come.

Rearranging is the name of the game these last few days partly because......I got my push mower! YAAY! Of course, that means I have to put it somewhere, which means I had to clean out the garage. It's been pretty much a disgrace for ages. For the most part things were packed very well, so it didn't look like a death trap or anything, but when I took the stuff out, I couldn't beLIEVE how much crap was in there. (with BOTH cars!) How did we do that? Mostly I think we did it by tossing stuff on top of other stuff on top of the stuff we tossed there the time before...etc etc until it's ridiculous. It was a dirty job, too. I won't go into that too much - suffice it to say there have been mice in and out and a possum (once upon a time).

Things it's surprising will fit in a garage with two cars:
  • 1 full size refrigerator
  • 1 half size refrigerator
  • 1 deep freezer
  • 1 giant dog kennel thing
  • 1 double stroller
  • 1 telescoping triangular two story ladder
  • 8 boxes of random stuff off loaded from my husband's work truck that was only going to be there for two weeks (more like 3 years now)
  • 5 lawn chairs
  • various garden tools, rakes, shovels, hoes and stuff
  • 7 or 8 tool boxes (some completely empty - why?)
  • 2 coolers
  • 1 small step ladder
  • 2 bags of ready mix concrete
  • 6-10 flower pots
  • 3-4 bags of garden/potting stuff, soil, weed-n-feed, fire ant killer and the like (there's usually a bag of mulch in there, too, but I just used my last one.
  • Most of the bricks left over from building the house.
  • 4-6 boxes of other random stuff
  • 2 boxes of magazines
  • There's more, but this is getting old
Oh yeah, I think there was about 3 gallons of dirt. (is that how you measure dirt?) Maybe it should be 1.5 square feet? I don't know, there was a lot of dirt.

It's mostly finished, but I still am not SO sure where the mower is going. LOL That's okay, I'm SO glad I did it. I was in SUCH a mood today, it was just awful. Nervous energy, thinking too much etc. It was the perfect thing to do in that mood. I even built a shelf using random scrap wood, my little hand saw and ALL those bricks. It's not pretty or anything, but it's sturdy, fairly practical and able to be taken apart and rearranged on a whim.

Of course it's full of stuff now, but I didn't take that picture. I like it, because it's a shelf. lol

While moving the bricks I found evidence of other wildlife. The tiniest little eggs I've ever seen. I sorta felt bad for disturbing someones great little place for a nest, because it was a very protected spot. Whatever it is, it's very discreet, I've never seen the layer of these or the babies, that I know of. Oh, that's a penny, for scale. (insert camera rant AGAIN)

blurry, sorry

funky angle action

One of the eggs was a dud, but it was too old to be real evidence, and in my experience, rotten eggs are NOT to be trifled with. (but that's another story, I'll put that together for another day when I need material) I tried to preserve the scene, but my husband unknowingly kicked it aside while moving some large object out of exile in the garage back to the upstairs. I'll probably search the web for tiny eggs in the next day or so and see what they are. The closest guess I have is gecko, because we do have quite a lot of them, but these eggs look too big for those little people, unless the mommas are just much bigger than I think. Not sure. Anyway, I hope they find another good spot. The bricks were stacked just inside the garage door, so they had quick access in and out. OH NO! I'm a wildlife habitat disturber! =) They're probably shaking their little fists at me now, "Why did she clean the garage!? NOOOOOOO!" Maybe I'll take some of the bricks from the backyard and put them back in that spot. Such sweet little eggies.

I'm still riding my bike to the store! 2 more errand things done this weekend, yaay again! I'm thinking of working up my endurance to see how far I can reasonably go. I used to ride my bike all day back when I was a kid. baaaaa

Alright, it's past 2 and I think I'm wound down enough to sleep. These cleaning frenzies, you know, they can really get ya revved up! (two v's together look weird)


Chris said...

Oh how I would love to use an old non motorized push mower. But since we mow between 5 & 8 acres it is out of the question. Our vehicles do get fairly decent gas mileage though. And the closest grocery store is 10 miles away--so I think I shall continue to drive. I envy you your youth and exuberance. When you are done--I'll let ya come and clean out our pole barn. No telling what you will find. I don't even want to go into what is stored in there--5 antique cars and much more. We park outside.

This Elf Knits said...

What kind of push mower did you get? We are about to tackle either our garage or basement this weekend for a cleanup, not sure which. I dread and look forward to it at the same time. Time to let go of things...

lobstah said...

I never thought about that with the old gas IS sad! When I used to live up north there were at least a few stations that still had those. Around here, not so much!

I have a push mower too, when we used to rent a house that we were responsible for mowing. I loved it, the only bad thing is in the spring when the weeds have flower stalks that are too tall for the mower to cut. You may still need to use the motorized one occasionally if you get those tall stalks.

And the eggs, so cute! I am so curious what they are!

Anonymous said...

I think my parents still have a push-mower - it's probably fairly rusted up by now!
At first I thought those eggs were butterfly eggs - until I saw that they were cracked. Not knowing much about wildlife in the southern United States, I can't really help!