Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I Know, Things I've Learned

Monday Monday... So good to me =)

It's the first day of school today. Both kiddos were totally excited and so am I. I was going to try really hard to get Mr. 4 soon to be 5 year old into PreK but I think he'll learn more with my sister who is going to start teaching her youngest to read. Plus the times of drop off and pickup are so different from the other grades that it would be a real juggling act and they are hardly there for 3 hours. So.... no PreK, but that's okay. We can have one more year mostly together.

I'm going to check out a school for Massage Therapy today! I'm totally excited! squeeeeeee!

Now, for the title content:

Things I Know and Things I've Learned

I've learned that even if it's been raining for a week, August in Texas is still freaking hot and the August Sun is still pretty mean, and vanity has a price:

Ouchy wah wah
Aye chihuahua

I've also learned that when you slather on the tanning oil, the grass from the weed eater sticks to your legs so much that you start to look like a green sasquatch.

What's more, weed eaters don't eat weeds. They throw weeds around very efficiently and reseed them, at best.

I know, that Morning Glories take over:

I've learned that they are so pretty, that I don't mind so much.

I've learned, that in the absence of honey bees, the bumblebees show up:

But they are much harder to photograph,
especially with a camera that's worse than the one that's lost

I know that picking up languishing knitting projects can be difficult. I've learned that listening to your friend's advice is very helpful on this front.

"As regards the knitting, you could try setting yourself the task of doing 2 rows per day, regardless of how you feel, and see if that kick-starts the knitting mojo. " -- Amy P

It even works when you have a huge languishing project:

...and thanks to something that good yarn does - namely stitch memory
sometimes you DON'T have to rip back two repeats
to your life line - wooo hoooo!

Also, it's best to move your lifeline up on every repeat.

I know that Watermelons and Canteloupe grow well in Texas - I've learned that I can grow them too!

I love tendrils =)

I know that I can always look forward to a beautiful sunset:

and learned that I can make due with the worse camera
because a bad camera is better than no camera -
even if it can't capture the pink and it turns it to orange,
it's still really pretty


Chris said...

I've had 2 really bad sunburns in my life--ouch!! I feel for you. Glad you are getting on ok. Love your pics.

Patty said...

Nice post - you had me wincing (at the burn) and smiling at the knitting mojo shots and stories. Great sky pics too!

Anonymous said...

Arrggg! Someone listened to my advice - are you sure?!? :D

I'm glad the knitting is heading the right direction, but ouch on the sunburn! I'm currently rusting rather than tanning because of all the rain!

Kathy said...

The sunsets are amazing. I am thrilled to see them. I love tendrils too! Your socks are so pretty. I like the two row mojo trick.

I admire eveyone/anyone who puts life lines in their knitting. I admire anyone who knits lace!