Monday, December 15, 2008

Stay Tuned

Guess what? I finally got a new camera. Shock of all shockers. I'm in such a strange situation. Anyway, I don't have proof as of yet - picture wise, well I do, I just didn't upload them yet and I want my first new camera pictures that y'all see to be KNITTING.

Just wanted to give all of you something to read here in the meantime. There has been some serious drama at school. (ah transitions, don't we love 'em?)

It's freezing butt cold here for a couple of days at least. No ice on my street, but between me and school - a LOT, so... tomorrow could be interesting.

What else? Grades still good - but we, as a class, are a bit behind. That's a little part of the drama, but we'll be ok. I'll go into a little more detail later - no names of course in case anyone from there stumbles into our knitting subculture. =)

I have a couple more sky pics to share, and maybe some art. I'm still conflicted about putting it up here sometimes in case it gets stolen and used or something. Not that many people come over here anymore, so it's probably safe =)

Well, it's quickly getting towards bedtime and I'd better put the spaghetti away. I'll be back soon with proof of the new camera, and some odd stories. (as always)

Take care be safe and all that jazz.


Chris said...

Can't wait to see pics from your new camera. I am sure school will work out ok. Do you have to sit for any kind of boards or anything?
have fun with your kiddos for Christmas.

Geek Knitter said...

Drama and odd stories... I shall wait with baited breath!

It's crazy cold here too. They're calling for freezing rain this afternoon. Oh joy!