Monday, May 17, 2010

Swatch/Practice FO

Oddly, I have knitting to share, finished knitting to boot.
Inspired by Amy again, I embarked on a headband.

It is a bit fiddly and quite imperfect, the lattice goes this way and that way,
and I even accidentally added and extra row of "YO K2tog" in roughly
the middle of the headband,so it almost has the look of something intentional.

It fits the daughter nicely,
and I'm going to embark on a second one for the eldest niece.
(not my usual model, her older sister)

On another note, we've had some spectacular storm systems go through. Some have given us a little rain and some just go by us and flood someone else.

Now I'm off to get started on my second swatch type practice headband.
I may modify it some or I may not.


dyedinthewool said...

Thunder-stealer :P

No really, it looks good and if it's functional and your daughter likes it, what does it matter if it's a little ... unique?!

Dreams of Yarn said...

I like it!!!