Thursday, August 19, 2010


In case any of you not reading this blog think, perhaps I may have been lolloping around all Summer, here is a bit of what I've been doing. There are three others that haven't been photographed, hanging in the office where I work.

I've been working on painting lilies the most. Just popped into my head one day and I wondered if I could do it.

This one, however, is from a photo I spied yesterday at The Knittin Coop - Robin took some beautiful pictures and this one moved me. Since childhood, the visual affect of gradation has always interested me. I've always wondered if I could replicate it in a painting. I don't know why I waited until now to try it, but here's my first attempt at a landscape since Crayolas and grade school.

It isn't nearly as awesome as the photo, I still need to work on my technique as to how to achieve a more realistic and that popping light that shines so brightly through the gaps in the clouds. I tried leaving it white, but it didn't work. Next time I'll try a little more orange yellow than just straight yellow, possibly.

At any rate, these are my only proof of having done some little things of a crafty nature. It's something at least =)

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