Friday, August 27, 2010

The Needles are Clicking

It has been a long long time since I picked up the needles and did anything. Yesterday was the day, my long dry spell came to an end. I picked up some very splitty off- white cotton and made a little scarf/sash thing. The reason I wanted it, was because I have a few of those 2 layer wrap skirts you can wear about 100 ways, and I wanted to make it look like an empire waist type thing. Plus, you can't have too many skinny Spring/Summer scarf embellishments in your wardrobe.

George was the perfect disinterested model, don't you think?

Art-wise, I'm gearing up for a "sky study" series, hopefully I can pull that off. I've been "painting in my head" these last couple of weeks. Looking at the sky and thinking, "How would I achieve that effect?" Looking at how the colors blend and the shadows work. Many times The skies have been offering up a very interesting canvas these last several mornings as I take the kids to school, and I've scolded myself for not having my camera along. So it will be living in my purse for some time to come. Here is one I took this morning.


Robin said...

AWESOME!! I'm trying to split my time between several projects..without much luck!
George says "I'm too sexy for my scarf"!
I love your sky paintings!

Dreams of Yarn said...

So glad that knitting has cropped back up in your life!

dyedinthewool said...

Aww, George is a very hansom model!