Saturday, September 11, 2010

Every Knitter's Dream

It must be in the air, knitting. My oldest, 11yr old boy, says, "I want to knit." My youngest, soon to be 7yr old boy says, "ME TOO!" Then my middle child, 9yr old girl says, "Where's MY knitting?" since she has a project in progress. So I quickly teach the oldest one to cast on, and move on to the youngest. Whilst still teaching the youngest, my middle child helps the oldest with the next step, knitting. So I look around me and all my kids are knitting.

At some point, 11yr old says, "I didn't think it could ever be this quiet in the house." Now why didn't I think of that?

Get to your knitting ye ruffians! I needs me quiet time, ARG!

I guess I need to start another project, too. I can't be the senior knitter, surrounded by little knitters and not also be knitting.


Chris said...

Beautiful children

Dreams of Yarn said...

Totally Awesome! just watch your stash now !!!!

Anonymous said...

One person at a time! Good job!