Friday, November 19, 2010


I fully planned to choose the 4th option from the bulleted list last post way back on the 3rd of November:

  1. Jump right in and knit another pair of socks with new yarn
  2. Gather up all my left over sock yarn bits and make a pair of motley socks
  3. Forget socks for a time and start on the practice shawl/stole thing with the Jagger Spun
  4. Start a pair of socks AND start the shawl/stole thing so that I can have the relief of stockinette waiting when I have to tink for 10 hours on the lace

What actually happened is I tricked myself into only doing option 2 and gathered up the remainder yarn from 2 pairs of socks and got to work on my next pair of socks. I had every intention (don't you hate the word intention? It covers a multitude of no one taking any responsibility) oh yeah, every intention of starting the practice stole with my giant cone of Jagger Spun wonderfulness. In spite of my intentions, reality played it's favorite trump card over my free will card and allowed my semi-migraine status to fluctuate from dull threatening migraine to sharp, hateful, full on nausea/incapacitation horror show migraine. In spite of my issues with using the word intention and the fact I can't quite take responsibility for something I have zero control over, I'm glad that I at least started the sock to fill the hours of time that I could only just keep my eyes open and flick my hands back and forth. (yes I use italics when I feel put out)

Of course since it's 7:32pm and completely dark, the photography is probably going to really stink. In fact, it's going to be really awful because I loaned my memory card out to my sister and now I have to use my web cam thing - this should be pretty weird.

Sorta grainy, I guess, it's my first try with 'Photo Booth' - it's fun, actually, the screen goes all white and makes a pseudo flash thing. Pretty cool.

ANYway ..... I'm trying to use up the rest of this yarn, knitting from both ends, one by one ribbing for miles and miles and trying to work out just when to start binding off to use maximum yarn without misjudging and running out too soon. Hopefully I can estimate close enough that I don't end up with that odd amount of yarn that you can't really use or throw away without twitching a bit.

So... I'm back to the same options from before, and I'll probably do the same thing again.

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dyedinthewool said...

Ahh, PhotoBooth. Last-gasp saviour of blog photos! Don't tell anyone but I've been known to do a whole blog post with photos taken with my MacBook camera!