Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Note to Self

The next time I consider modifying how closely I follow a pattern - think again, self!

It seems that my recent sock project is just a bit too small - the toe to heel length is just the tiniest bit too short. So I shall be giving these socks to my sister - the one with slightly smaller feet than me. This is the second time I have accidentally made a pair of socks for her =) It's fine, she deserves socks made for her, even if it was a subconscious act on my part.

Now I am indecisive, too many options are before me:
  1. Jump right in and knit another pair of socks with new yarn
  2. Gather up all my left over sock yarn bits and make a pair of motley socks
  3. Forget socks for time and start on the practice shawl/stole thing with the Jagger Spun
  4. Start a pair of socks AND start the shawl/stole thing so that I can have the relief of stockinette waiting when I have to tink for 10 hours on the lace.

I think I'm leaning towards 4 with the subtext of 2. ( I know it's grammatically wrong - but I have a slight migrainish thing going on )

Considering the migraine thing, I should probably start the socks first - RIGHT after my coffee.

Have you ever subconsciously made something for someone else?

1 comment:

dyedinthewool said...

Hmm... I'd go with 4 but I'm a bit of project-hussy so I would say that!

I've never subconsciously knit something for someone else because I usually marry the yarn, the pattern and the person so closely that if it's not working, I just rip!