Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the Mind Goes Blank

For some weird reason, I didn't remember that I posted my finished socks. WHA? I guess I didn't really feel they were finished until I weaved in all the ends. I must be growing up as a knitter. I vaguely recall mentioning that I didn't weave in the ends because my tiny crochet hook has gone missing. I finally got to the store and purchased a package of them. (naturally, I blindly picked up a package that had one stolen out of it - duh)

ANYway, I weaved in the ends, wore the socks to work yesterday, and they were very comfy. I took pictures of all the ends still sticking out everywhere, but... it looks much less dramatic in the picture than it felt like in my head, and it didn't really take long to do it. Although I stretched it out over an evening and the next morning. (exciting stuff, right? ha)

One interesting thing this year, the Autumn leaves have really held on, and they keep changing and changing, so it's been a really pretty experience. I took a few pictures of my Crepe Myrtle against the clear blue sky. Otherwise, I've been completely remiss in taking Fall pictures. Just enjoying them with my eyes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who steals ONE crochet hook from a package?!

Anyway, lovely photos. Very warming for me who is currently freezing! :D