Friday, December 3, 2010

Random Sock FO

I finally broke down and grabbed some random yarn and finished the socks. However, I seem to have misplaced my tiny crochet hook, so the dozens of ends to weaved in are waiting.

The fit is very nice on these, I seem to have issues with getting that right for some reason, but these are perfect.

With my shoes on they'll look remarkably like the last pair, which was the basic idea. The last pair being just a smidge too short.

This one is the one with the different yarn to finish the cast off, oddly, it blends just fine. yaay I'm chomping at the bit to start charting what to do for the hat, while putting off the lace. hahaha

I'm doing much better health-wise, finally. I'm very thankful that only 1 of the kids got it, a rarity when you're dealing with strepp! Very very thankful.

See ya in a few days when I have something to show for all my planning and procrastination =)


Anonymous said...

Love the colours of the yarn - both bright and subtle!

Kelly O said...

Beautiful socks. My three kids are going through the flu right now, I am hoping to dodge it myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me!