Sunday, April 29, 2007

April Showers, April's Flowers....

...nothing to do with May. Even though it will be May when most of you read this, these are April flowers helped by April showers planted by April IN April NOT May.

Oh, hi May, I forgot. One of my best commenters is named May, no offense May, but that rhyme has plagued me all my life. Or at least followed me. Every new introduction.... sigh.

I bet you hear the other one, "Oh Hi, May where's JUNE wha ha haaaa hhhhaaa." Like, UMMMMM..... yeah, that's like the OLDEST most USED and horribly unoriginal JOKE NOT JOKE, EVER, smarty smarty bo barty. Eventually I started saying to those people.... "So, do you really think I've NEVER heard that?" That might sound mean, but PALEASE! You can only hear the same awful joke so many times before your eye starts to twitch. I do appreciate the original ones, though. Someone who met me in the month of May said, "Hey, just call her last month."

oh yeah, the flowers!

Here's my first Hibiscus Bloom Pretty in Pink

My Yellow Roses on my Dwarf Rose Bush

My Second Hibiscus Bloom on the Same Plant (cool!) Pretty in PEACH

Last but not Least, My Marvelous Marigolds, about 12 I think
a Perfect Perimeter Plant

As for these, they are Future Flowers

These Azaleas have already bloomed, so we'll have to wait
until early next Spring to see them

This is a Blackberry plant, if it awakens, it'll have blooms in June, maybe.
I think it may be deceased, though, we'll have to wait and see.

I'm still knitting and the hat is looking cooler by the minute. I really love how the yarn fades in and out. The self striping is really pretty. I'll have to take another pic of it when the sun is up. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

Goodbye the month of April


Renee said...

I love the pretty pink hibiscus. I'm pretty sure we don't get those wayyy up here in the great white north.

Yeah, those jokes are bad. I'm thankful my mother called me Renee. Not too open to teasing.

Shannon said...

So nice to finally see flowers out again.

AmyP said...

Lovely photos - especially the hibiscus. I hope you're really getting the most of the good weather. Having said that, it's Texas, not the north-west of England so it's not like the weather could change in half an hour. Could it?

Rebekah said...

Beautiful flower pictures, I just planted tomoatoes this weekend myself.

Glad thigns are going well, hope they continue to progress for you.