Monday, April 2, 2007


So, you have probably noticed that it's starting to get DEEP in here.

Yeah, that was basically the idea when I started this blog and that's why I gave it this fancy shiny purty name. Well uuuummmmm, it's apparently got a LOT more potential than I realized. Ya SEE? You REALLY REALLY have to think about stuff before you name it. OKAY? WELL, I should say, if you wonder about that sort of thing and get confused, you should probably contemplate carefully the names you give things. I always have and I'm different from most. SO take that advice or leave it if you know what I mean.



SO - for those of you who are starting to twitch from this sort of talk. I have an alternative for you. I have at least three boats.

One boat is a cruise ship, big bad and stable, going out to open sea and it's fixin ta get stormy. (that would be this boat)

One boat is going to travel a bit, but stay mostly near the beach. Jaunty - go with the flow. (that will be my knitting blog - or something)

ONE boat may not BE on the ocean, but - well, maybe it's one of those boats that can do what it wants, too, like a little sail boat or something that can take a decent journey around the Cape but can also manage the fjords.

So there you have it. What is it you have, I don't even know yet. So don't ask me what I'm talking about because I haven't made a decision yet, which is ok, because boats are good and sometimes you just have to get out of the Ocean into something LESS deep.


Knit2BTied is my New OLD Knitting discussion forum =)*)

This blog is going to stay the same

The other one is TBA when it's ready (unless....well - YOU know? right?) hahahaha

not as hard as it sounds, but if I told you ALL the answers you'd loose interest in what the heck I'm talking about.

I'm weird like that now. SO see ya over there where I still have the tangling disease =)*)


Rebekah said...

Wow, 3 blogs. Are you insane? hee hee don't answer that.

Have a really nice evening tonight.

Momo said...

wow, I can barely keep up with one of my own!