Saturday, April 21, 2007

beanie beginnings

It's an easy breezy knit. K2 P2 ribbing all the way up. Not too fancy with the stitches b/c the yarn is already doing a good job of making it interesting.

and a closer more hatty look

As soon as the hat is done, I'll be doing a scarf to match, so come next winter, I'll have a matching hat and scarf that is actually wool and has no novelty stuff in it. Somehow I'll learn to forgive my early knitting months of long foofy frufru scarf oddness. =)

I love good yarn - ***sigh***


AmyP said...

YAY! Knitting!!!!
Knitting = Chicken soup for the fingers!

Shannon said...

I really like those shades of blue!! and the yarn looks.. fuzzy and squishy. what is it?

Samantha said...

Hi! I checked your blog one day and there was no update, I don't check blogs for a couple of days and voila, there's some updates here. I'm glad you're feeling much better, and I hope you continue to feel much better. :)

The hat is going to be lovey. I'm going to knit myself a nice wool hat and scarf set for this winter too.

lobstah said...

Good idea working on that now--it'll be all ready to go for next winter (I always seem to start winter projects too late). Very pretty!
Best wishes on your new art endeavor!

Rebekah said...

we al look back on our early days of knitting and wonder what the heck we were thinking!

Your hat and scarf will be lovely, and good idea starting early in the summer months, it'll surely be ready to go by winter.