Monday, July 23, 2007

Call the Knit-Medics!

What I am about to tell you is going to come as a bit of a shock. I can hardly believe it myself and I can scarcely believe that I am about to admit it for the whole world to see. But you guys know most of my other deep dark secrets, too, so why not, right? So, I got the heel flap finished and when I was about to turn the heel.... BLANK - I had completely forgotten how to turn the heel. I mean I knew it had something to do with slipping stitches or something, but I had totally lost how to begin. I looked up a couple of sock patterns in some of my magazine and tried desperately to apply the basic rules, number ratios to the number of stitches I had. I was ONE stitch off when I got down to the last few stitches, so I had one stitch left before the gap on one side and none left on the other DRAT - but guess what, I left it as is because I don't think these socks are going to fit me anyway! double drat - But I'm not frogging this sock, it's been too long in the making so far and I'm not going back. I think I just knit TOO darn tight to use this small of a needle. It may be the zero, but I'm not sure. I DO know that after doing the heel flap, I looked at my needle and it was actually BENT because I'd been gripping it SO hard.

Anyway, here is the sock about 4 rounds into the gusset stitches. These colors are actually about right in spite of the greyness of the light in which it was photographed.

And here is the sock looking mournfully outside at the rain. (to show the true greyness)

It was actually a very pretty and hot day for most of today. The storm only rolled in about 6PM or so. We went to the park around noon, and when it got too hot for us we went to our local PetSmart and got dog food. Then to Jack in the Box for lunch and got kid's meals and root beer floats. (I had a salad and a Dr. Pepper float) Then to Half Priced Books looking unsuccessfully again for a book I've been looking for. Then to Academy Sports and Outdoors for very decently priced school uniform stuff! So I have most of my back to school clothes shopping DONE! THAT feels like a great accomplishment. I'm glad I didn't have to fight the crowds of other mothers clamoring for clothes at the last minute (the way I usually do) ***sigh of relief*** I think I'll go back and get a few more shirts and pants for DS8yr for some reason I got more girl stuff than boys even though DD6yr had the same dress code last year and still has some things she can wear. Not sure what I was thinking, but I'm glad to know where the uniforms are because I've been looking everywhere and haven't found them anywhere until today! I must credit my hubby for telling me they were advertising.

....and now I'm tired, it's been a long, but very good day =) hope yours is great too. I think I'll go knit some.


Shannon said...

LOL about the sock heel, The only cure is to immediately finish this pair and make another!!!

Susan said...

I've been pleased with the rain and gray we've had, because it's stayed cool! We bought an air conditioner about a month ago and have only needed it 3 times because the weather has been so mild. Still, if we hadn't bought it, it would have been 100F for the past 3 weeks.

Someday I'm going to knit socks again. Too tired right now.

AmyP said...

At least you got there with the sock, in the end!

Rebekah said...

Don't feel bad no matter how many times I knit socks, I can never graft the toe without referring to my book. And half the time I can't turn the heel either!