Saturday, July 7, 2007

Scarf Set aSide....Strawberry Swirl Sock

Why? Well, from what it looks like, the yarn I'm using for my scarf may very well have been discontinued. I KNOW, it's tragic. So, I've stopped knitting it until I can secure at least one more skein of the yarn, because it's starting to run low and I've only got about a third at best the length that I want. I'll be calling a not so LYS where I procured said yarn, on Monday, to check the unlikely odds of them having one or two more skeins. (I bought it over a year ago, I think) I've already checked the website of the yarn maker and it doesn't seem to exist any more. My searches for Cotton Candy by Feza on the internet came up empty. So, I may very well be stuck with the idea of ripping back and making a much thinner version of the same scarf. So in the meantime, I'm not knitting it until I know more.

What am I knitting instead? A sock.
It has a cast on of 70 stitches and I'm doing a K3 P2 ribbing for the leg of the sock. No separate cuff, just ribbing and I think I'll maintain the ribbing down the foot. I don't know yet. I'm not doing my normal 2 by Magic Loop Method because I just didn't feel like making two balls out of this huge thing.

The yarn is from Hill Country Yarns in Strawberry Swirl and I have to say, that the more I knit with it the more I like it. I wasn't so sure I was in love with the color at first, but I really like how the different colors mesh and play without pooling. All in all, a nice knit so far.

The color is a little off, the lighter part leans more towards a very light orangy yellow, but it's almost off white. I couldn't get the colors to photo true and still be in focus, so these shots will have to do.

I'm still feeling better, a little better every day. Focus on the positive, think less about the negative, keep drinking coffee. I think I can, I think I can keep knitting a sock =)

Take care, everyone!


Pixiepurls said...

I love stawberries, I can't wait to see these socks done!

Shannon said...

I think you always manage to pick the best colorways! Try ebay for your yarn, or search it on the net, you'll find it, somebody has it!!!

Robin said... those colors!

AmyP said...

Very nice start to the socks - the colours remind me of raspberry ripple ice cream (actually, most things seem to remind me of ice cream at the moment!)

Rebekah said...

well its cruddy that you may not be able to find your scarf yarn, maybe a search on ebay?

Like the sock colors though very much, very cute.

lobstah said...

That is some yummy-looking sock yarn!

Patty said...

That is one nice looking sock. I love the colour!

Samantha said...

I love that sock ... the colour is splendid!! I just bought some strawberry candles and if socks smelled as good as candles I'm sure your socks would smell awesome. LOL