Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Love Coffee

I do, I really really do. It's SO good and makes me feel SO much better. Like today. Raining AGAIN, mostly cloudy all day and I can't wake up. So...I nap and I can't wake up from the nap. Finally, I drag myself up, shake myself out (like a dusty old rug) and say to the kids, "Get in the car, I need coffee." "But Mamma, why can't you just make coffee, it will wake you up, too." says DS8yr.old. I think a moment, looking at my coffee maker and grinder, then say "That's true, but it's just not the same, I want Starbucks!" (and how dare my computer not recognize Starbucks as a word?!) I don't even make them put on their shoes, just jump in the car, everyone gets buckled in car seats and boosters and we go.

Apparently, I am not the only person in this cloud infested part of town that at 3 o'clock needs a pick me up at Starbucks, but it's worth the wait. I feel like a person again! I actually feel like typing and talking and doing stuff. I couldn't even KNIT earlier because I was just SO tired. I wish I had Starbucks in my kitchen sometimes, but at least it's super close. It's only about half a mile from my house, which means.... I could technically WALK there, if the thought of walking that far with 3 kids didn't make my eye start twitching. Of course we could always go in and sit and they could eat cookies, but that would cost.... more than I'm willing to pay for cookies. The coffee is worth it though. This time I actually got a discount because it wasn't made by the time I got to the window, so instead of paying for a grande, I paid for a tall and got the grande! Yaay for mistakes! Yaay for coffee, yaay for Starbucks! Yaay for feeling like a person! This is literally the best I've felt in about 6 weeks. Maybe the nap helped a little too? I don't know, but I do know this, coffee rocks.

In knitting news, I am going to have to HOPE that someone has another ball of the yarn I'm using, because.... well, it's going to be a very SHORT scarf otherwise. I didn't plan it so well. That's okay, (and how does my computer not recognize 'okay' as a word? stupid thing) I don't mind taking a drive down to the town where I purchased it, hopefully they are still in business. Maybe I should call around first, that'd probably be wise. If I can't find it, I'm going to have to frog back to the beginning and go with a much smaller round. But it looks SO good at it's current size, I don't want to change it... hmmm..... wonder if I can find it on the Internet! Good idea ME! Yaay for the Internet!

Okay, enough chatter for now, sorry no pictures this time, just imagine my scarf at twice the length of the picture below. =) Nice, eh?


Susan said...

Oh honey, you KNOW how I feel about coffee. In fact, you've convinced me that I need to have a cup this morning. Because I love that flash of brilliance I get once I have a cup.

And bah to your grammar nazi of a computer. Stupid linguistic purist- language is elastic.

Robin said...

I LOVE coffee too! I'm glad you haven't floated away...y'all are getting the rain we need so bad!

Rebekah said...

we just got a new coffee service at my office, there's a Starbucks though a block away, and one of the attorneys was heading out to Starbucks. The Office Manager asked them, why, we just got great coffee. Their reply, it's just not the same if it doesn't come out of a Starbucks machine.

Renee said...

Try the toffee nut yet?

AmyP said...

While I don't exactly agree with the Starbucks sentiment (the Kenyan coffee trademark incident for example) I do agree with you about a decent cup of coffee. I treated myself to one today because it's, guess what, raining!
Keep up with the knitting, and I hope you find another ball of yarn.