Sunday, September 16, 2007

O Canada!

It's so weird, everywhere I turn these days I'm seeing Canada. I had half ways lazy weekend that felt wonderful. So I watched a bunch of movies, random stuff, whatever was on. The movies on Saturday were Canadian movies. Then I watched a DVD, and it was made in Canada, too. Tonight, I watched one, that was admittedly terrible and too long, but the main characters end up in Nova Scotia. So wherever I turn it's Toronto, Vancouver, Nova Scotia and now... Sunnydale. Why Sunnydale? I just found out that my great grandmother was born there. I'm CANADIAN! hahaha sorta, right?

The past couple of years I've been feeling this odd pull, it's almost painful. I really want to go to Canada. I wish it was possible in the near future, but it just isn't. I had even asked my dad if any of his people came from Canada, because it really seemed like I missed it somehow. I should have asked my mom about her people I guess, of course she may not even know it. This particular grandmother was an awesome knitter, too. So I am descended from a (Irish) Canadian KNITTER! The great granddad was from Minnesota, which is where I, and nearly all my relatives, were born.

It may be silly, but it's such a relief to me for some reason. I guess I've been mentally searching for an explanation of why I have such a thing for Canada (and Canadians) since I first asked that question. (I'm weird like that, I keep telling myself to stop asking so many questions, but it's not working) Anyway, I just wanted to share that with y'all because it made me so giddy! =)

PS - I'm just a few rounds from the heel flap on sock number 2, I should have an update on it pretty quickly. The pooling is doing basically the same thing, except in the other direction. I'm not sure how I managed that on accident, unless I wound the first ball from the wrong side of the skein. That must be what happened. I balled some of the skein on my cruise, and the bit of skein I had left, I must have wound from the end of the skein instead of winding from the piece I left off. (See there I go asking questions that I have to also answer.) Anyway, so far so good. And I have felt SO good the last couple of days that I nearly recognize myself! I actually FELT like cleaning yesterday instead of having to totally force myself to do it. It may not sound like much, but if you had seen me last week.... you'd know what a difference that is! yaay!

PPS - If I wasn't already married, I'd marry Canada.


Shannon said...

Well come on up. If you are ever in Toronto you know I'd welcome you!! Canada is a pretty amazing place to be, and I'm incredibly proud to be Canadian.

Robin said...

I want to go to Nova Scotia and Vancouver!! Ya-no! (bad take on writing an accent)

Renee said...

It's a great place! Start saving your loonies for the trip. Wait. You don't have loonies. Save your dollar bills instead ;)

Rebekah said...

Well you know I have a love of Canada myself, except I love it for its possibility of much colder weather for much longer periods of time. That and my grandmother, greatgrandmother, etc were from Nova Scotia.

Now go read Anne of Green Gables!

CityMinx said...

No, this is a true syndrome. My friend calls it the Rubber Band Syndrome. You know how you see one rubber band on the street, and then you find them everywhere? Same thing happened to me. I was considering taking a trip to Toronto, then everywhere I looked, TV, films, magazine articles, everywhere was Toronto!

So I went.

Good to hear from you, btw, hope you're well. How can I hear your podcast?

Donna said...

Well, then i say you must pursue your dream. Maybe not now or any time soon but you must try to fulfill this passion! Funny how you are all tuned in and then, you realize there is a real reason for it! Amazing! I'd love to live in canada too! Of course, I'd also love to go farther north and then I'd like to try a stint in Montana. Not now though! Can't just uproot my kids, that wouldn't sit well with them. But someday???