Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Tools and Junk =)

I kept my promise! I took pictures yesterday (and was followed around like I was doing something unusual, as if I haven't been doing this for... what?... THREE and a half years? don't get it) shake it off -

Anyway. I got 2 new sets of Addi Turbos! This is a bit of an odd purchase for me since my conversion to bamboo needles, but knitting the hardy buffalo waste fiber spun into YARRRN (say it like a Pirate) is a bit of a workout without something seriously slippy, so I caved and I'm glad I did. Now I can get back to designing in earnest - well, MOST of the design is designed, I only have to figure out how to do the end bit. Here is all you'll see of this project until it is decided whether it goes into the publication it's meant for. (just the idea is enough to make me squeeee - whether it gets picked up or not - like SERIOUSLY!? ME? heheheheheee)

I haven't gone totally off bamboo, though. PERISH the thought, I love me some bamboo! Bamboo, bamboooo, bambabooba, bambabooba, BAMbooooo! Sometime several months (years) ago, I mentioned that bamboo socks are reported to ease and or prevent foot fatigue, and it seems to work for me. SO more sock yarn with the bamboo, coming right up. I have already started a little footy sock that will have a big toe gusset so that I can wear them with my flip flops around the house when I wake up with foot fatigue. (That happens when I don't sleep well or don't sleep enough) I really ought to look into the physics of that, but for now, I'm just happy to reap the benefits without having to understand it on a quantum level. (snark)

My son calls this yarn "The Dandelion" and
keeps asking me, "Momma, can I kniddling the dandelion, PLEASE?"

Beginning of a footy

oh yeah, and some more stitch markers - may seem anti climactic to you (or not) but I really hate it when half of them are missing and I really need all the tiny little soft markers because NOTHING works as good for me as THESE specific markers. I lurve them.

Last but not least... my first venture into the blocking wire thing. I haven't used them yet, but they're impressive in my eyes. My Fern Lace Stole is still severed from it's yarn cake - it may just have to languish a few more weeks until I get back in the mood for it.

and since these pictures are much less riveting than I was thinking they would be, more off topic stuff. Yogurt - Roses - Garlic and Peas - and maybe some other random stuff floating around in my computer =)


Chris said...

Praying you get published and can't wait to see the design. Love the flowers. I've thought about addi turbos. May have to try some. I know that I like knit picks harmony dp needles for socks.

Dreams of Yarn said...

I hope you get published!!!! nice goodies!

Now you have me looking at yogurt makers on the net in earnest.... wondering if I should get one... hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - yummy! I can't wait to see what you've come up with for the buffalo yarn design.