Friday, April 18, 2008

oh HAIL!

It was a busy night, the night/morning of April the 17th/18th wasn't it? Texas and Oklahoma had a squall line that stretched for several hundred miles and the Midwest had an earthquake. (not as weird as it sounds, apparently, they have a major fault line - hmmm)

One of my sisters gave me a call last night (Thursday) about sevenish. "Um... are you watching the weather?" "No, I'm not actually." "Well, time to start because there is a storm with a possible tornado headed STRAIGHT for you." "OH! OK... thanks, I'll switch over to that right away." some other niceties passed between us and we bid each other adieu.

I haven't been much proud of my little flower garden this year. None of my blooming trees did much, they had a couple of blossoms and went straight for the foliage. Instead of planting flowers around the perimeter, I planted sweet peppers and tomatoes. In the middle I planted garlic, peas and a potato (that only liked the indoor arrangement, and quickly kicked off as soon as I put him outside) and a few hot peppers. So I was going for the more practical instead of pretty this year.

Then my roses went from foliage to major gorgeous. I kept thinking, "I should cut a bouquet and bring them in." But they were so pretty outside, so I left them there for everyone to enjoy. I really wish I had some pictures when they were in full glory.

Then the hail.


Now imagine this with 10 more blooms

Garlic sprouting


Sweet Peppers

Lush foliage (and a makeshift bird feeder)


Beat Down Rose Bush

Shredded Red Bud Tree

What's Left of the Tomatoes

Defoliated Tree Carnage

Of course, we are counting our blessings. No broken windows. Nothing too serious. Our roof took a beating, too, though, so we'll have to jump on that situation ASAP. Some had it worse with bigger hail. It was a mighty noise though, I'm really rather surprised we didn't lose a window. I meant to take pictures of our fence, it has thousands of little white collision marks on it. Maybe I'll add that tomorrow.

Next post S. S. P. Revealed! =)


Chris said...

Hail can be so damaging. Thank God you were indoors and there was no tornado. Beautiful roses.

Mica said...

Such lovely example of Texan weather, eh? I figured that we'd be due for a harsh spring, after the last being so benign. Hope that's the worst of it.

Dreams of Yarn said...

eeek, sorry for the harshness your beautiful roses and garden took, but if thats the worst of it I'm glad you made out okay. Gardens can be tended and replanted.

Stickchicky said...

I guess as long as you are all safe. Bummer about the roof though.

Tracy said...

Just remember that the plants that survived will grow stronger because of their beating.

Anonymous said...

Now that is hail - not that piddling little stuff we have!

I'm glad you were OK, but sorry about the garden. :(

Kathy said...

New to your blog! Came from Chris' blog. Glad your sister called you in time. Do you have a weather radio? I do. I turn it on when we go to bed if any severe weather is in the forecast. Oh, I feel bad for your plants, but it is early right? Can you plant a bit more?