Monday, April 28, 2008

Off Topic

I forgot to photograph my new yarn, and needles and blocking wires! What WAS I thinking?! So here is some random stuff to keep you at least entertained for a day or so.

I've been making yogurt! It's fairly easy, tastes AWESOME and is SO much better for you than the stuff in the store. You see nearly everyone in my family has some sensitivity or intolerance to lactose, so getting the yogurt at the store just sort of makes things worse, plus most of it is packed with sugar. If you make your own yogurt, however, and let it culture for at least 24 hours, then the acidophilus lactobacillus consumes all the lactose and you effectively have a dairy free yogurt. (except that it is technically still a dairy product, just the stuff that bothers people about dairy is gone).

It has really done wonders for my DS9YrOld. He has the worst issues with the dairy stuff, and it's next to impossible to keep him completely off of it. We already use Soy Milk (Silk to be specific) on our cereal and stuff, but he really loves cheese and soy cheese is..... well, if I can't eat it, you KNOW it's nasty. Anyway, since he's been getting the homemade yogurt regularly, his respiratory problems have significantly improved. I'm SO glad!

Here's my yogurt maker making yogurt! I have TWO of them now, because, with 6 people living here, and only 7 small containers, it just wasn't enough.

And HERE is my favorite way to serve it, except now I shape the yogurt into a little heart b/c the kiddos love it. (so do I actually)

This picture doesn't fit in with the theme of this post at all, it's random. It actually goes with my last post, remember the head stuff I was talking about? Well, the book I am reading says to close your eyes and visualize a certain obstacle and then use that same obstacle as emotional protection when you need it. Vague again, I KNOW - sorry - but here is my rock wall =) It's mainly here for prosperity, not to make a certain point. In other words, if all my pictures get lost in this crummy computer, at least I have this saved SOMEWHERE. I got a nice sunburn whilst drawing it!

Last but not least, here is the recovering garden!

The tomatoes are doing their level best to make it, even blooming in spite of the stress =) My garden loves me! I did lots of pruning and maintenance today, so it looks SO much better. I even pulled up one of the suckers coming up off the roots of my crab apple and planted it in a pot. It will probably move to the backyard as soon as I prepare a spot for it. Those little trees grow like weeds, so it will be welcome shade back there where it gets SO hot.

OK - I promise promise to take pictures of the new stuff and all the stuff I'm not working on very consistently. So see you back here tomorrow or the next day.



essjay said...

You know, I've been debating about getting a yogurt maker and now I do want one! I don't have dairy issues but my husband does (VERY lactose intolerant)....he uses goat's milk in place of regular milk and has no problems and I use it (and soy milk) for baking and such. It has a slightly stronger taste than milk but is a great subsitute! I'm with you - I can't do the soy cheese at all. I'm debating cooking vegan at home but I just can't give up the cheese!

I'm glad to see your garden is recovering after some love from you.

Dreams of Yarn said...

How cool are you? Making your own Yogurt, thats so awesome.

This Elf Knits said...

We go through yogurt like crazy here. We stick with the plain, low-fat, organic variety. My daughter doesn't do well on cow's milk and we are vegetarian. I always thought a yogurt maker was too gimmicky, but your post has me rethinking that. May have to research it some more...

Robin said...'ve convinced me! I've been thinking of getting a yogurt maker.

Anonymous said...

My mum used to make yoghurt - I vaguely remember the plastic pots and the flask she used. It's quite easy to get live, unsweetened, yoghurt around here, but it wasn't always the case!
Good news about the garden - nature is built to be quite resilient! ;)