Saturday, June 28, 2008

These Things: They do Happen

... until you stoppa these things from 'appening, THIS thing does not 'appen!

Of course that last part... I just had to finish the line, it has NOthing to do with what I talk about today.

These things DO happen, though. As soon as you think it's going one way, the wind changes direction. Isn't that how it goes? This life thing. That's okay, though, I can roll with it. If there's ANYTHING I've learned in 39 years, it's how to roll with it. I don't mean roll with the punches, either, because when those come, I duck and THEN roll. =)

I just have to keep telling myself (and listening when others say) "It's going to be okay." I know it will be, one way or another. It's just that not everyone fights fair in these happenings, and I guess that's to be expected. Of course they are doing what they think is right, I just don't agree. In spite of that, we all know that retaliation is never the answer, so I'm trying my best to take the high road, if I have one of those available to me... I'm no angel. Maybe it's an upper middle class road? Or a middle middle class road, which ever one I can reach. I must keep my wits about me, though, and I'm doing fairly well at that. (sorta) hahaha

I feel greedy asking for the same thing every time from y'all, but the support from all of you really helps, so I keep asking.

On a separate note, I haven't found my camera, but I did find an old one that I can use, well maybe, if I can find the proper USB cables. It's something, anyway =)

In knitting news, I ripped the sock I started all the way out. I don't need it for my boot, after all. Mainly because it's too hot to wear the boot, and I think my ankle is healing fairly well just being wrapped nice and tight in the ace bandage. Don't worry, I wore the boot a LONG time and it really helped. It's still pretty sore, but I'm being super careful, too. So I put a different skein in my little bag, because plain old cream color is not happy to knit in this frame of mind, I need happy colors, so that's what I picked. I'll roll it into two balls and possibly do a two by magic loop thing, if I can find all the right tools =) I'm not sure I have dpns in zero? I think that's the size of the circ I'm using - guess I should check that, eh?

Well gonna get back to the kiddos, I'll HOPEFULLY be posting some pics soon, don't give up on my blog, please, things will get back to normalish fairly soonish =) Love you guys! (and gals for all the people not accustomed to that saying that is meant to be all inclusive - like from the Electric Company back in the 70's - ahahahahahaaaaa)


Pixiepurls said...

Looking forward to pics, keep your chin up girl!

Chris said...

You are my oldest daughter's age--no wonder I like you so much. Thinkin of you often--hang in there girl I know you can do it!!

dyedinthewool said...

Give up on your blog? Never! Never I tell you! Mwahahahahahahaha! :D

midgeling said...

Oh, you kow you have my support. Don't put pressure on yourself. You do what you want, when you want to. Enjoy your summer! :-)