Thursday, October 23, 2008

Solo Socktoberfest Socks

Here are the pictures of the one and only knitting project I have going on. ONE lonely pair of socks is all I can manage this Sockoberfest. That's okay though, most of my energy is being exerted elsewhere these next few months.

Cute little tootsies, yes?

They are actually a very nice shade of pink, not as they
appear. They are nice and roomy, but not overly so. DD is tickled pink
and giggled the whole time she had them on.

DS now 5 always brings me at least one flower a day.
Today I got a pretty little nose gay.
What a sweetie pie =)


Geek Knitter said...

Socks and flowers... all I need is some chocolate and my day is complete.

Chris said...

I am amazed you even find time to knit, and the socks are almost done! And you are right--what a sweetie pie. What a lucky mom!

Kathy said...

GREAT socks. Even when I am most stressed, I keep a sock going. Keeps me sane. Socksanity I call it! Great job on your tests!

dyedinthewool said...

It sounds like you are raising a real gentleman in that one! It sounds like your daughter loves the socks - good job, I suppose!

Heidi said...

I'm totally jealous of your socks, as usual. ;)