Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Time Does Fly

Can you believe that tomorrow I have my very first final exam? Yes, that's right folks, I am nearly finished with the first Mod of my first Term. There are 3 terms and 6 mods (I think it's 6) There are like 4 more finals next week or something. One of them being a "Practical" which means an exam the body mechanics, strokes, client/therapist interview etc etc. It's a bit wild because, since we are doing lower extremities this mod, you have a total of ten minutes for each leg and that includes turning the client from face down to face up.... so it's a very quick process. The point being that you are eventually able to do a full body massage in one hour, so that's 2o minutes on just the legs. The time really flies during massage, too, and you have to do all five strokes (which is what makes Swedish Massage what it is) I'm actually getting really comfortable doing everything in that short time, too, which I wouldn't have guessed at the beginning of last week. The first time we had a timed practice I was a bundle of nerves. But I'm getting betta =) (I think I'll tayke a walk)

I DID have a 100 average in Swedish Massage until today... grrrrrr - but that's another story =) It's cool. My therapist said,"Well it's pretty good when you get upset about getting an 80." That's true. lol Didn't think of it that way.

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's final. I feel pretty well prepared, thanks to my awesome Canadian teacher! She's so cool. Really knows her stuff, and even though she's the youngest instructor there, she's actually the Senior Instructor. Cool, eh? I thought so.

Anyway, the weeks are flying by, and I'll be graduating before I know what hits me, right? lol Well.... maybe not THAT fast. Speaking of fast, the supper time thing is creeping up on me, and I still don't have any good ideas, so better jet for now.

No more knitting has been done, I'm sorry to say. Maybe I'll try that study/knitting thing again? Don't think I ever actually got around to doing that. ooops

Oh yeah, I'm all done with my feeling poorly thing, and thanks for all the well wishes on that front. Feeling like crap and going to school is a bad combination. I would have stayed home, but I don't know when I could make up that time, since the rest of my day is pretty much already taken up by kids, kids and oh yeah, more kids =)

and studying

Well... till next time, take care and GO GREEN - like green earth, not green politically because I don't know what that means =))


Geek Knitter said...

I remember being in school, I'd blink and it'd be time for finals... how does that happen?

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Dreams of Yarn said...

Wow, its great to hear that you so thoroughly enjoying the course!! I wish I could go back to school, I really do, enjoy it! I hope it is fruitful for you.

Chris said...

So glad you are liking and doing well in school. You will be graduating before you know it. Glad you are feeling better.

AmyP said...

Good luck with the exam. Could you try massaging me over the internet? Whoa - that sounded way less filthy in my head :D

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