Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Stuff

I guess it's been MUCH longer than I thought, which means I didn't take pictures of one of my other FO's. It's just another pair of wrist warmers, but it's something at least. I have at least one more pair "ordered" as requested by my youngest, (not to be left out) and one of my daughter's classmates has demanded a pair just like hers. Not sure she'll be getting those with that little attitude - lol

The socks are finished =) Yaaay!

We almost had an ice storm, it rained and froze for a few hours and then as it got dark it suddenly warmed up and it all melted. Which is a good thing of course, because you can't say ICE out loud around here without someone running off the road.

The moon has been really spectacular the last few nights, and last night I finally got a decent picture of it. If I hadn't been freezing I could have done better, but there'll be other moon pictures to come.

We just finished another Mod at school, so we start with a new teacher tomorrow. I did good on my finals, thankfully. I'm halfway done with school now, which seems very odd, but cool, too. Next Mod will be my last in Pathology and Kinesiology - which will be nice - but we start in Clinical, which is also pretty difficult. I'll be bracing myself for that eventuality.

Next time I should have at least one more FO and the low down on my new instructor. I'm sure this one won't upset my poor classmate like the last one. I thought I was going to have to restrain her for a minute yesterday. Poor guy, just can't keep his feet out of his mouth during a temper tantrum.

Talk to y'all later! =)


Chris said...

Mitts and socks are great. So is the photography. How much longer till school is done? I forget how long you have to go. We are getting wild crazy weather here. Lots of snow--really cold. Last week was freezing rain. Could go to -10 degrees tonight. So good to hear from you.

Patty said...

Those wrist warmers look really nice. I love the colour too. Nice moon. Why don't I think of shots like that? Good on ya!