Friday, January 2, 2009

Silly Me!

Well, my new camera came with it's own cable, I just didn't take it out of the box. So my complaints were for naught. (except I still think it's stupid to have so many different shapes for USB plugs) That aside, I finally have pictures!

I discovered that the large drink cups from Chicken Express (that I like to get Dublin Dr. Pepper in) make really good hat drying apparatus things. (apparati?)

I made these for one of my class mates, she knows about them, but the hat that is done in the same yarn is a surprise, you can see it barely peeking out from between the other two hats above. It's my own pattern and once I figure out how to make the chart make sense, I'll either submit it to someone or publish it here for free. It's kinda a little different.

Here are the socks I've been working on for DS the 9 year old. I've gotten past the heel flap and gussets now, though, this picture was taken the day of my last post.... so there's been progress. The other stuff is in there just to show how great the colors show up *sigh* finally a camera I can take pictures of yarn with that shows the colors true.

That's the main reason I put all those hats in the same picture, they are all cool shades of blue and purple and they don't fight or mess with the colors of the others. (that was a problem I had with the other cameras)

Oh, and of course I had to share the latest greatest sunsent with y'all. One regular one zoomed.


Emma of Flitwick said...

Beautiful job on the hats! Great sunset shot too!

Dreams of Yarn said...

always love your photos, glad to have them back ;P Great hats and hand warmers too!!!

Chris said...

Love the hats and fingerless mitts. How on earth are you finding time to knit right now. Single mom, 4 kids and school. The sunsets are great. Keep up the good work.

Miri Mack said...

I agree! When do you have time to knit? I couldn't do when going to school and I didn't even have one kiddo let alone 4.

Lovely photos, April :-)