Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yarn Flash

We interrupt this regularly scheduled week of intense study and finals for a Yarn Flash!

But first I want to thank all of you for your words of support and encouragement from my last post. Every time I read those comments I start to cry again =) you guys are just the best and I really appreciate all of you. Step by step by baby step.

NOW... back to the yarn flash. Good news and bad news. Bad news 1st. One of our LYS's (Local Yarn Shops - for the non knitting reader) is sadly going out of business. Not for lack of business, but because the proprietor is moving away, far far away. *sob* Good news? YARN SALE! Everything (and that includes needles and stuff) is 30% off. So, on Saturday, I told my brother, the one that knits (naturally) about the sale, and he said, "Let's GO!" and I said, "Sure, I have no money, but sure." And he said, "I have a little money, so let's go." and I said, "Coooool!" Then we went out to eat, since shopping hungry is bad, even if it isn't because you buy too much food at the yarn shop. Personally, if I am hungry I can't make good yarn decisions, or any decisions, actually, and then I just leave feeling more hungry. (but I digress) Then we went and petted mass quantities of yarny wonderfulness, and I came home with some of it. heheeeee

3 skeins of this one

2 skeins of this one

And since I haven't played with new yarn in a long long time, I just kept taking pictures of it.



separately again
(can you tell I wish I took pics as good as b r o o k l y n t w e e d?)

and in the bag with the address of the aforementioned LYS in case any of you find yourselves in Texas via vacation or you live here and I don't know you read my blog or you have technology from Star Trek. (Yes, please beam me to the yarn shop, Scotty, PLEASE!)
Isn't that a GREAT logo?

I kinda want to make a sweaterly sort of thing, but it probably isn't enough. Especially since short sleeved sweater type garments don't work so good here. It's either way too freaking hot to think about sweaters or you need the real deal when you walk out into cold that cuts you to the bone. Not much of an in-between around here. In fact, once upon a time I made a sweater vest (that I never modeled because it got hot and then I gained 30 pounds - HA! That'll teach me) or did I gain 30 pounds and then it got hot? Don't remember. Anyway... what to do? HEY I know, go back next week after I con some money out of someone and get yet ANOTHER color (because I pretty much cleaned them out of these two) and stripe myself into a sweater! YES - bwa ha ha HHHAAA - my evil plan is beginning to take shape.

And now, to distract anyone who can put a stop to this evil plan with cute cute pictures of farm animals. I still say they are GOATS, because sheep at this time of year should be totally fleeced out, right?

This ^ little guy is my favorite

Sorry about the pictures through the fence thing, but if you get out of the car, they all run away. Maybe I should go bearing gifts of carrots next time, that always works with horses. hmmmmm

I leave you with the latest installment of glorious sunset shots.

I kept on taking pictures of this sunset, too, I love it when you get 3 different sets of colors from one short event. From yellow, to orange, to red - I love my new camera =)

PS - I know I haven't been very good at the blogging lately, school and the whole shift in the direction of life sort of commandeered my brain for the last few weeks. I would LIKE to say that I am going to do better in the coming weeks, but that is unlikely. You see, next mod is what they call "Clinical" which means LOADS of reading every night, preparing and studying for and taking practice tests for the thing they call the Emblex, which is the test you take to get your license in this state (that covers you for several other states as well, which is a major plus). Anyway, this particular test is NOT easy, there are tons of trick questions, and those "critical thinking questions" they've been warning us about. And questions like: "If you client comes in and their gate is such that the left foot is turned laterally and everted, which muscle is like in a state of contraction or spasm." And even though I just made up that question, I still don't know the answer for sure, even though I want to say something like, "Tibialis Anterior". (that may be right, actually, but I don't know for sure) Basically lots and lots of Kinesiology, which has been my most challenging subject, mostly because it's very specific information that you just have to find a way to memorize. In fact, it is only NOW starting to make sense to me and I've been doing it since September. SO... if you don't hear from me for the next two months, it's probably because forming a sentence is just TOO much for me. Well, maybe I can say something like: "Still alive and kicking please stand by and don't unsubscribe just yet, pretty soon I'll have stories to tell, and maybe there will be knitting again someday." =)


Chris said...

Sounds like you have a great bro. I know when I was in school that when i took anatomy and physiology--once I understood how the wywtem worked it was easier to remember all the parts. Best of luck. Can't wait till you take boards. So excited for you.

dyedinthewool said...

Colour-me jealous with that yarn! Shame a business when kaput, but yay for you!

Good luck with the "clinical" part of your course - all fingers are crossed for you.