Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Knit

No matter what is going on, school, grades dropping, should be studying and getting ready for the MBLEX, sometimes you just gotta throw it all to the side and knit something. I went back to my LYS that is selling everything at now 40% off (waiting for the 50 and 60%) and got more of the same type of yarn and started a simple, knit by the seat of my pants project. (my favorite, no rules)

I love the yarn, love the colors, but rolling these bad boys (can I call skeins of yarn boys?) was NOT fun, especially with lots of these:

and these:

I understand these things happen, but when I KEEP finding them all through one skein it starts to get very old and tedious.

It was fun however to discover that some of the yarn I bought was almost the exact color of my dog, what a good sport to pose so perfect for me, eh?

no wonder I liked it =)

So here is the drawing of the thing I am "designing" it's sorta too simple to call it a design. I just cast on quite a few stitches, added a couple to make it a better number and started knitting. I have a weird non measuring savant thing going on that works pretty good for casting on and hanging pictures. Not the most amazing talent, I know, but it comes in handy every so often =)

and one showing the yarn with the drawing

Of course in the actual garment, the stripes go horizontal across the front and then up over the shoulders, as raglans do, which is cool with me. I would so much rather never seam anything, and I love love love knitting in the round (or in the square as the case may be and in fact is) It's a tiny bit bigger on me than my little drawing, too, but that's cool, since I usually like to layer under my sweaters, just in case it gets hot or the wind is cutting through my clothes that particular day. Usually the former instead of the latter. =)

My next set of stripes will be much smaller and then I'll go bigger again and maybe a little random just to mix it up.

That's all for today folks, I've noticed that going this long without blogging usually leaves me with way too much to talk about. So... instead of doing what I did last time, namely covering a million subjects in one post, I'll spread it out over a few posts instead. I have some Spring blossoms to share and a couple of garden projects. Some sky pictures (as always) and something else I already forgot. (Maybe I'll leave that one out) Oh yeah, we have a couple of new pets, which are easier to take care of than fish, so guess what they are? Until next time take care peeps and see y'all later.


Chris said...

Sweater will be almost as pretty as the designer. And I am certain you will pass your MBLEX. So good to hear from you and hope that all is well.

Heidi said...

Haha, George.
I LOVE that yarn, the colors at least. But that's some extreme varigated-ness...