Friday, March 27, 2009

March of the Flowers

Spring has sprung and been springing for several weeks around here. There have been lots of blossoms and it looks like the bees are making a comeback. We hardly saw any last year, but they were pollinating the holly bushes again this year and it was nice to see so many honey bees. Have I mentioned that I'd like to keep bees someday? I don't think I have enough room here, but it's fun to think about.

In knitting news, I may be ripping back the whole body of the sweater, because it just seems sorta lumpy and frumpy. I think I will and then I'll go ahead and do the shaping I was planning in the first place. Not this weekend though.

I have one last BIG final for this mod and it's worth 40% of the grade. I was super nervous about the one we had today worth 20%, but I managed to make a 90! yaay! It's been a HARD mod this time. I have my MBLEX scheduled for the 11th of April. I start the internship on April 1st (that's a lot of 1's and April, eh?) The final on Monday is a practice MBLEX and she says it's more difficult than the actual test. YIKES - SO... I'll be studying and finishing a load of homework that's also due Monday.

Enough talk, here are the flowers

Red Bud Buds
Red Bud Blooms

Flowering Crab Apple Buds
there's someone at the window, I didn't notice that till just now

Flowering Crab Apple Blooms

Bradford Pear Blooms

Bee in the Holly Bush

I don't remember the name of this vine,
but this is the 3rd year it's been in the ground
and the first year it's grown significantly and first year it's bloomed

The First to Open

It was really worth waiting for


Robin said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm SO ready for Springtime...well, all except for my allergies!

Heidi said...

I have the collective family ogling your pictures. lol.

Your new camera is wonderous.

Chris said...

Wow--I wish it was so springy here--we have had some decent weather however. So glad for you that school is almost over--Good luck and best wishes.

Janine said...

Lovely flowers! I am pretty sure your vine is a Clematis - don't know which variety, but it is probably one of the modern hybrids by the size of the flowers :-)

Dreams of Yarn said...

Beautiful Flowers! So nice to see updates from you.