Monday, April 27, 2009

Pics to Pass the Time

The finish line is in sight, I have only 7 intern hours left to do. I may have at least 4 people who want to be clients even after I'm done with internship - I probably already blogged that, but it still surprises me. That means I have to find somewhere to practice fairly soon, so they keep me and don't find someone else. My last day will probably be May 4th but the grad ceremony won't be until July 31st or something like that.

Not much more news about school, except that I do feel like I am running out of steam for homework and assignments, which isn't such a good thing when I have SO many left. Business plans and resume' and cover letter and references and mission statements and vision statements and 10 job leads and on and on. (and that part of my computer is locked up, so I can't even work on it while waiting for all these pictures to upload - DRAT)

In light of all this, I'm going to post some pictures - nothing too exciting, but something to look at between now and the last few days of school.

the last Clematis bloom
this is the second year this cactus has bloomed
last year I wanted to take a picture
but ended up in the hospital before I had the chance
I'm SO thrilled it went all out for me
this year with SIX blooms!
yaay for prettiness

miniature roses

that's my pinky finger and yes I have a small pinky

back to the normal sized ones

that's all folks =)

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dyedinthewool said...

Lovely photos of flowers - is it getting warm in Texas now?

Good luck with the potential-clients (fingers are crossed for you!)