Friday, April 3, 2009

Meet Lizzy

Remember I said we had a new pet? Here she is:

We know she's a girl b/c the males usually have blue streaks on their bellies, and the females have that nice mauve color down their sides and the pretty stripy thing going down their legs. (Thank you Internet)

She's a pretty girl, for a Texas Spiny Lizard, or Fence Lizard, or Back Yard Lizard. My daughter found her out in the freezing cold one day in my sister's yard, and brought her inside to warm her up. She begged me to keep her and named her Lizzy, as in Lizzy the Lizard (which I thought was clever). Now she has a full first, middle and our last name. Elizabeth Kate etc. (no etc. is not our last name, but I'm funny about last names and the internet)

My sister, a few weeks later, found a gecko on our sidewalk one very cold day and put him in with Lizzy. They didn't seem to mind each other at all, and sometimes slept near each other. My oldest son named him Nicko. He was less cute and rather hated being in the terrarium and consequently, escaped. He is a Mediterranean Gecko. He didn't look much like the regular geckos we have here, but he was interesting while he was with us. I only got a couple of pictures of him and they show off the intensity of his stare. Anyway, he's somewhere roaming around our house looking for a way out.

I hope we have a few little bugs to keep him alive until he makes a break for it. I think there are only tiny cobweb spiders though, so he may be out of luck in the food department.

So far Lizzy has been the easiest pet ever. We get a box of crickets here and there and let a few out in her terrarium every few days and she eats when she wants. It doesn't take long to clean her environment and she makes very little noise. The crickets make most of the mess and sometimes the alpha cricket won't stop chirping. That really only happened once, and I took care of him/her and some other quieter cricket took it's place. (I don't know if there is such a thing as an alpha cricket, but only one seems to chirp at a time, so I figured, maybe it's a seniority thing, lol) Lizzy prefers to be left alone most of the time, but every so often she'll let me pick her up and stroke her little jaw line. She really likes that and closes her little eyes and chills out completely. On the whole, it's been a pretty cool little pet project for the family. My daughter was asking me the other day if we should set her free, and I'm leaving that up to her. We did decide to wait until it has completely stopped being cold, to give her a better chance.

As for knitting news, not much going on. I'll probably knit some tonight, just to take the stress down a notch. My internship is going pretty well, so far all my clients seem to like my treatments and some have even booked repeat sessions. So that's cool. I think I soaked up one of my client's tension though and I need to go run around barefooted in the grass - lol - drain all that back into the earth where it can disperse. (one theory anyway)

Until next time, take care of yourselves! Go get a massage =)


Chris said...

Oh my--I'll take my dog. So glad you are enjoying your internship.

dyedinthewool said...

I love lizards - you've got a cutie there! Good luck with your internship!

Kaity said...

Aw, look at the cute Lizards!! Lizzy is adorable.