Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Which Fringe Character Are You?

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Have any of you seen this show? It's way out there on the ...
well the Fringe. Science Fiction/Crime Drama
I really like it, because some of the concepts
aren't as far out there as one might think.
bomp bomp BOM

lol - it's a really cool show

What have I been doing now that I'm out of school? Well I had two pretty much sleepless nights, followed by crashing in a heap last night and then sleeping till 11 or so today. It felt much later, mainly because I kept dreaming it was 3. I hate when that happens, dreams breaking into my reality and infusing false times on my brain. Not fair.

Check this out for odd timing.... my car broke down two days after school was finished for me. Very odd, and I'm SO thankful it didn't happen to start breaking down on the way to school any earlier. I had just dropped off the kids at their school and was about 1.5 miles from home when it started acting like I was in forth gear going 10mph - you know that sputtering "I'm SO gonna die on you" thing standards do. Well, the thing is, I was in neutral. So I start revving up the engine and tried to get home as fast as possible (AFAP - hahahahaaa) and I made it home. I guess this is what happens when you own two paid off vehicles, something out there wants to force you into another car payment. Hopefully though, it's something not too terribly shockingly horrible and I can be oot and aboot again. (just checking to see if my Canucks are still paying attention) I can't actually spell it to sound right, but I can hear it in my head properly. Oh speaking of Canada:

I was driving along the other day and saw a license plate from Ontario. I had to really control myself not to flag them down like an idiot and say, "HI! I LOVE CANADA!"- and then proceed to laugh like Goofy. It was sorta funny though because the car following them had a license plate from Chihuahua, Mexico. Which isn't that odd since there are German Canadians in Mexico, but it's odd because my instructor for 4 out of 6 mods in school was a German Canadian born in Mexico. Synchronicity - don't ya love it? (actually I have no idea what PART of Mexico has the most Canadians, so I don't really know if those two lisence plates were oddly following each other or not) Maybe I'll find out when I do my exit interview at school next week.

I have been knitting still - well some. I am closish to being done with the knee brace barriers - I'll probably have to mail them to their intended recipient since I failed to realize I ought to have them done by the time school was out - duh. OH well, that can happen when you are trying to finish a 17 page pretend business plan before it's due.

Well, I should probably go become the homework enforcer, since my first efforts have failed miserably. Does anyone know children that just do their homework without being told a dozen times? Second thought, don't tell me. See ya next time I take another Random TV/Movie Character Quiz


juliet said...

I hope the car doesn't cost mega-bucks and that you are decent sleep. When I finished my dissertation the last time I kept having hideous dreams about sudden deadlines I had done nothing for, oh and even wierder ones about my husband with a very odd cheese fixation..... BTW, I sit next to a gorgeous Canadian colleague at work and she is just so Canadian, I totally love her so I understand the Canadian thing, nobody makes me laugh so much as she does

Anonymous said...

I *love* Fringe. Walter is my favourite character, but it's my first introduction to the joys of Joshua Jackson (yum!). Here's hoping we get a second series.

Fingers crossed that the car isn't FUBAR-ed.