Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lizards, etc.

I mentioned yesterday that I have lizard news. This news is not about Lizzy, our Texas Spiny Lizard. Who has recently found she likes to be upside down hanging from the ceiling of her terrarium.

In fact, it is about the two new lizards we have. About 2 months ago, the husband came home with another Mediterranean gecko. We put her in with Lizzy and they seemed to ignore each other and intermittently cuddle. (if lizards do indeed cuddle) Then a few weeks ago, I found another, larger one in the garage, and we put it in with the other two. The two geckos seemed to be ok with the company of each other just fine, too.

A couple of days ago, I had to clean the terrarium, so we put each lizard in solitary for just a little while, and we discovered this:

Our little girl gecko, recently renamed Rebecka, is going to be a mommy! She has a tummy full of eggs. Here is the possible dad, who seems to be called Geico. (the kids, not me) Rebecka gecko was found in the company of another gecko who may also be the dad. I prefer to think we have both parents, just because.

Consequently, when he was in the garage, he was totally white, but he turned dark in the terrarium. This got me to thinking, the garage walls are white, so maybe if I put something white for the lizards to climb on they may change colors. I put up a paper towel. Who would have thought that three lizards would love a paper towel so much. Lizzy stays on it most of the time now.

NOW, I really need to do some research as to whether Rebecka gecko needs her own environment to lay her eggs, and if the newly hatched babies might look a little too much like crickets to be with Lizzy. We don't want that, because she's getting pretty fast at catching those crickets.

Now for the etc. Look what we discovered in our tree in the front yard. A pretty little dove in a nest, just out of arm's reach, above our sidewalk (which hopefully won't be a bad thing for the new babies)

I put my camera on my tripod, tilted the top almost straight down, held it up over the nest (when the mom had flown away) and set the timer. Two pretty medium sized bluish or greenish eggs.

I also will have a real garden this year! Here's the rough beginning of it. I have some big plans, even if it is a bit of a late start.

Tomorrow or Saturday, the trip to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I was going to do that first, but my oldest wanted to share the lizard news with his class and tomorrow is the last day of school. SO.. in case they can get their teacher to look this up, I've posted it.


Eileen said...

Consider taking the pregnant lizard to the vet for a checkup just to make sure everything is OK. They should be able to give you very good advice on how to manage the birth safely for all concerned.

gary said...

I'm always happy to see you out there with that camera. And your garden looks like its going to be great! Around here it doesn't seem to matter whatever I do is late because its not like summer has touched down yet. We get a couple of nice days and then back to cold, rain and wind again. We used to have a lizard, although it would be neat living in an area where you just find them. I love the way they can sit there not moving forever and looking at you all wise.... ;)

dyedinthewool said...

Reptiles can reproduce asexually so it's not necessarily been done the old-fashioned way!