Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Blogs and Star Trek

Is it possible that we first saw the possibilities of the electronic journal from Captain Kirk? "Captain's log stardate 2715.1 ....." I was thinking last night, as I tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep off the migraine from yesterday after 3 Excedrine Migraine tablets. Pro - headache sorta under control, con - so much caffeine! So there I was, lying in the dark, blogging away in my mind. It would have been a really great blog, too, if I only had the computer from the Enterprise. I'd say, "Computer, begin recording." Except, I'd need the neural interface, in order to avoid waking up anyone. It was after midnight, afterall. At some point, though, a person is so tired but full of information and caffeine that the stuff in the brain begins to become ridiculous. I kept hearing (for real, not in my head) this screaming outside. It sounded like a child crying, until I opened the door. Oh, just cats. Cats fighting like Klingons. Cats creating - The Next Generation. Cats - Voyager. Cats - Deep Space Nine (and I couldn't stop saying Bablyon 5, too, but that's a whole other layer of Gene Roddenberry) And since we are talking about Star Trek, I'm still pissed at the way DS9 ended, I mean COME ON, what ever really happened to the Emmissary? I know he's with the prophets and all in the worm hole, but... throw us a bone and give us some closure. And how DARE they kill off Jadzia Dax! jerks (I realize that wasn't the end of the show, I just never got over it) She and Worf were such a great couple. I wouldn't mind having a Worf of my own actually, but that's another story.

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