Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Yarn Harlot in Dallas

Plano to be exact and it was such a great time. You know how you feel giddy and excited before an event and giddy and excited during an event? Well, this is one of the only times I think I felt even more giddy and excited after as well. It was the perfect little outing for Heidi and me. We started out as early as we could to avoid rush hour traffic all along the way. We sort of succeeded in that. I was prepared with a roll of dimes for the tollway that we never had to pay. (which was nice - we along with our other sister had gone to a Jimmy Buffet concert a few weeks ago that was a bit past Plano and we paid the toll SO many times it was ridiculous)

The event was scheduled for 7:30, we were there somewhere close to 5ish and about 1/3 of the chairs were already taken. Hunger was an issue, however, so we headed back down and across the fake street that went through the little strip mall type place we were in and entered a restaurant. Once we were inside, we realized we were in a brewery/restaurant and it was SO cool.

Those are the giant vats of beer things
(Heidi is ducking b/c she's camera shy
but I managed to get a good pose out of her eventually)

and we all know how I don't do good taking pics of me
so this is as good as it got

I wasn't sure which of their brews I wanted for sure, so they brought me tiny little taster glasses.

Then, when I made a choice, I was afraid I'd bitten off more than I could chew - so to speak. (ordered taller than I could drink?) Not sure how to make that apply to a drink.

I didn't waste any, though, and then it was back to the book store, which was packed to the gills and getting more packed by the second. Heidi and I got a couple of the only chairs left and held them for quite awhile, since we got back there around 6 or so. Regardless of the crowdedness, though, we were all very happy to see her when she arrived.

and happy to be a part of one of her famous sock pics

I loved her monologue! It was, of course hilarious and very entertaining. What I didn't expect is that it would be educational, historical, scientific and thought provoking. Of course I won't repeat her information because that will rob someone else of having the really awesome chance to hear for themselves and experience such a terrific event. I definitely recommend getting her new book - "Free Range Knitter" and going to see her in person. It really is a very enjoyable evening.

Heidi took my picture with her. I'm holding my socks in progress

This is about where the socks were at the time of that photo

and just to be silly, a sock pic of my own


Chris said...

How lucky you are and how happy I am that you are having some fun!!

Knitcrazy said...

Look at that DARK beer.... Iused to LOVE beer :)
Your socks look great..
Is that you Daughter and is she knitting??